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HNT – Hot Mess in a Corset

October 7th, 2010 5 comments

I’m tired.  I’m not feeling particularly well.  I’m out of eyeliner, so I didn’t put any makeup on.  The hair ties I bought are horrible, cause they say no-slip, and non-damaging but they lie, and you cannot take them out and put them back in once your hair dries.  And I had two seconds prepare, so I look like a hot mess.  But apparently, that was M’s intent, cause He’s all over His first intentional HNT attempt, and is telling me I’m crazy.

I know a hot mess when I see one.  I’m a hot mess.  I must do something about this.  Like… yesterday.  For seriously.

Anyway, me… a hot mess… pleasing my master by posting this humiliating photo.  You don’t have to look.  I won’t be offended.

I should thank my lucky stars He didn’t want pictures of my vag.  The RiteAid brand razors? Yeah… don’t buy ’em.  Ever.  You’ll look better unshaven.  I swear.

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