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Not Quite Freefalling… Yet.

October 6th, 2010 2 comments

I know I didn’t post yesterday.  I’m kind of forcing myself to post today.  I’m not slacking.  I’m just busy with things I’d like to be doing over the holidays.  Starting with M’s birthday on the eighth of this month, and ending with the new year.  And I don’t just mean things M and I will be doing together in the privacy of our own home.  But things we’ll be doing here, and on, as well.

For example, be keeping your eyes peeled for a Halloweeny Fleshlight giveaway in honor of M’s birthday.  And I’m working out the details for a Toys for Tots drive.  And there may or may not be discussion about a Liberator giveaway around the time of our wedding anniversary.

Yesterday, M took me out to lunch.  I really didn’t deserve it.  I’d been pissy all morning.  But He took me anyway.  And after He pointed out how bitchy I was being, I tried to curb it.  Read more…

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