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“September blow soft till the fruit’s in the loft.”

October 1st, 2010

September’s been a little crazy.  My anxiety’s through the roof, and my confidence is gone.  But I’ve had a couple opportunities knock, as well, so that’s cool.  Here it is…

Shit I did on other people’s websites:

This month, on Eden Cafe:

This month, on Submissive Guide:

Other people’s shit:

This month in history:

  • The First Continental Congress was established on September 5th, 1774.
  • In 1783, on September 3rd, Great Britain signed The Treaty of Paris, ending The American Revolutionary War.
  • The Constitution was signed on September 17th, 1787.
  • The first Emancipation Proclamation was issued on September 22nd, 1862, freeing the slaves of all Confederate states that didn’t return to the Union by January 1st, 1863.  The second issue only freed the slaves of ten states which had not returned to the Union.  It wasn’t until the Thirteenth Amendment was signed into law in 1865 that slavery was made illegal.
  • On September 11th, 2001, Islamic extremists hijacked four (Or was it three? Depends on who you ask.) commercial jet airliners.  They crashed two into The World Trade Center.  The third they crashed into the Pentagon, though the pictures are sort of sketchy, if you ask me.  And the fourth went down in a field just outside a town in Pennsylvania.

This month’s food for thought:

Disclaimer: We don’t necessarily agree with all the posts listed here.  We just like to give you different perspectives of various issues to think about.

A dose of “Aww!” to brighten your day:

Sexual shit:

What I’m kegelcizing with:

What we’re wanking with (or just me, as the case may be):

What we’re wanking to:

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