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Pick me, Kink Academy! Please?

September 29th, 2010

Part of the reason I’m sort of disappointed in M’s lack of interest in socializing with… well, anyone, really… is the learning experience.  Discussing different techniques, and trying new things, and sometimes things we’d never be able to try at home, and hands on experience, and… I mean, gosh! Doesn’t that just sound awesome?

I mean, yeah… M’s owned my ass for almost eight years.  We’ve got nine floggers, six paddles, two canes, two crops, a buggy whip, a strap, and a viper’s tongue.  Restraints, and hoods, and gags, and blindfolds.  Rope, and chains, and anal plugs, and clamps, and sex toys out the wazoo.

But you know what we don’t got? Skillz. 

Me more than Master.  Though when it comes to the vast array of activities that fall under the heading of “kink”, M’s skill set ends at clamps and impact toys.  He’s always saying He wants to learn more, and we’d like to attend classes.  Especially rope bondage and suspension, and more extreme things like needle and fire play.  And who couldn’t do with a refresher course on impact play, or some new ideas for positions?

I realize that us attending classes will give this man of mine more evil ideas, but dude, that rocks.  And right now, packing up our utensils, and carrying ourselves to some kink class in New York City (which is usually where the closest workshops are) just isn’t feasible.  I mean, we’d have to take the train, and cabs, and it’ll cost money to get in.  And it would probably make more sense to just get a room and come home the next day, so that’ll cost money.  Not to mention food, and sight seeing.  And we’re already up to probably at least $600 in expenses, just to learn about kink.

Not long ago, I was bumbling around on Twitter (as usual), and I started seeing tweets like “Kink Academy Open House coming to Boston!” And just the name made me go “Damn… I wish we could go!”

I’m not the paparazzi.  I don’t really much care about celebrities.  There’s a couple I squee over just as much as the next chickie with a hard-on for dangerous men with fast cars, but when it comes right down to it, they’re people just like you and me.  So it goes without saying that a select group of well-known people within a community that half the world tries to pretend doesn’t exist, even though I am part of that community, doesn’t really make my blood race.  Names like Anita Wagner, Arthur Hate, Jay Wiseman, Sarah Sloane, Princess Kali, Tess Danesi, Dr. Ruthie, Joe Jitsu, Joe Winn, and many more.

But the knowledge… Oh, the sheer thought of the knowledge and experience amassed in a room full of those people is enough to make my stomach hot with anticipation, and my mind fill with questions that I have to have the answers to right this minute.  Like what’s the best way to suspend someone of my size? How does one safely pierce a nipple in needle play, and what’s the difference between a temporary piercing and a permanent one? I mean, besides the obvious.  And how do you get the rope to stay in when you’re doing hair bondage?

And since going to them isn’t in the cards right now, I’m super stoked about Kink Academy’s willingness to come to me through the same monitor all of you do by way of free videos or a decently priced membership.

Or maybe even a position as a sponsored blogger.  Which is why I’m writing this.  They’re looking for kinky bloggers to utilize they’re site, and write about their experience and what they learn from it.  And this here’s my application.  I’m really, really hoping they pick me.

Since He seems as interested as I am, I’m hoping Master will have time to go through the site with me.  That we can learn about this thing we do together.  I think it will be an awesome experience for us because kink is a part of our dynamic.  We both love bondage, and impact play.  We see the incredibly awesome things people get up to at clubs and events, and want to learn about them so we can get up to them at home.  Or feel more comfortable going out into public and getting up to them there.

Besides that, we both need more kink-focused activities in our lives.  And we’re always looking for something to replace television in the time we’re not spending cleaning, walking, and working.  I can’t think of anything better than spending time on a site meant to teach us about the very thing we’ve been missing lately.

  1. September 29th, 2010 at 20:08 | #1

    I met Sarah Sloane at camp. She’s awesome. We attended one of her classes on humiliation, and then she came over to eyeball the titty nailing. T’was pretty cool. I met Graydancer last summer. He’s so flippin’ cute I could hardly stand it. Absolutely adorable. And pony, the bootblack Miss …something… of 2009, she and I had an impromptu scene last summer. She’s a sub but a WICKED top.

    It is expensive, though. Camp costs us $400 just to register. It’s worth it. I know that means diddly when things are tight, but I pinch pennies for this shit. I need it. He needs it. And it’s so. much. fun.

  2. September 30th, 2010 at 19:15 | #2

    @kaya I always hear good things about Sarah Sloane, and I’ve seen pics of Graydancer. He is cute as a button!

    I remember reading about your bootblack scene. It made me decide that boots are hotter than I originally thought. Lol.

    And yeah, I know it’ll be worth it. It’s just next to impossible to save money right now. Else we’d probably have a car by now. Heh. But I swear, we will get to *some* kink camp eventually, if I have to set up the event myself.

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