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Product Review: Siri by LELO

September 24th, 2010

Ooo, what’s that?

Before Siri, the only LELO I owned was Ella.  At first, Ella was amazing.  These days, she never leaves my silicone bag.  Ever.  I’ve been having too much fun with all the Tantus toys I’ve got.

I kept hearing how LELO vibrators would probably be too weak for me.  And I mean, let’s face it.  No one wants to spend that much money, even in gift cards, on a toy it turns out they hate.  So I put off trying them.  And I put it off.  And I put it off…

And then came Siri.  And reviews of Siri.  And claims of strong vibes, and a quality product.  And I just had to have her.  Eden Fantasys hadn’t had her long before I owned her.  Yeah… It was that bad.

What’d it come in?

If Liv is an example of the “old” LELO packaging, than I’m with CarrieAnn on Siri’s packaging.  It sort of sucks.

It comes in a thick black cardboard box inside a thinner purple cardboard box, each with LELO printed across the top.  And Siri is nestled inside a plastic and cardboard blister pack –that isn’t resealable or reusable– sitting on top of a sort of cardboard stand.

Inside you’ll find Siri, a white satin bag, the charger, the user manual, LELO’s ten year quality guarantee, and a one year warranty.  And once you’ve taken Siri out of its blister pack, it all rattles around nice and loud inside.

How’s it made?

Tipped in the same luxurious, buttery silicone (phthalates and latex free, nonporous, hypoallergenic) Ella’s made of, against a white plastic base, Siri is about four inches long, two inches wide, and an inch and a half thick.  The silicone extends farther on the underside than the top, allowing for simultaneous clitoral and labia stimulation, and on the top are four buttons.

Two of the buttons are arrows, and they’re used to switch from steady vibrations to pulsation variables.  The other two are “+” and “-” buttons.  Hold the “+” button to turn the toy on and increase the intensity.  The “-” button decreases the intensity and turns the toy off.  Hold them both for five seconds to lock/unlock the toy.

On the white plastic end, there’s a hole for the charger to plug into.  LED lights behind the buttons flash when you’re charging the toy, and stay on when it’s fully charged.  And if Siri’s charge is getting low, the LED lights will glow red.

The charger’s cord is about five feet long, and there’s an LED light in the plug to indicate that the plug is plugged in.

What’s it for?

Clitoral, labia and erogenous zone stimulation during partner play or solo masturbation.

How is it?

Rayne’s Rating:
Pros: Cons:
comfortable to hold and use
strong, deep vibrations
not even splashproof

Wanna know a secret?

Before I got Siri, I was pretty much bored of sex toys.

I was tired of opening boxes to pretty much the same thing, time and time again.  I was tired of never opening the box and being wowed by what was inside.  New products.  Old products.  They were all pretty much the same.

When I saw Siri, I got excited.  When she showed up on my doorstep, I literally bounded down the steps to grab the box.  And when I finally got her on my clit, I found myself wishing I’d saved money for her introduction to the sex toy world so I could have bought her earlier.

Ah well.  Such is life.  I’ve got her now.  And I’m torn between her and LIV 2, cause Liv’s pretty awesome, too.

In any case, Siri’s strong, rumbly, and deep vibes are quiet and discreet.  Her shape is perfect for the palm of my hand.  I don’t accidentally bump buttons when my finger lays across the top.

And speaking of my finger laying across the top, while my most relaxed position doesn’t fit exactly to Siri’s curve, the way this clit vibe fits in my hand is so comfortable that it doesn’t matter.

Perfect for any sort of partner play.  Tiny enough to be travel friendly.  Rechargeable.

Totally fascinated by the fact that it lets me know well before it starts to get weak from lack of charge.  Which I had to look up, because even though it’s rarely on the charger, and I use it more than any other vibrators I own, it’s never turned red on me.  Siri’s also never gotten close to losing its charge, though part of that’s because I try to remember to keep it charged.  But even after having sat unplugged for weeks, and being used a couple ten times between, Siri still came on strong and lasted till I was finished.

The only two things I don’t like about Siri are that the charging cord doesn’t fit in the bag with the toy, and Siri’s not even splashproof.  There’s the tiniest of gaps, between the silicone buttons and the plastic base, that water could get into, and she doesn’t have a plug for her charger hole, like Liv does.

Anything else I should know?

Siri’s locked during transport, so if it doesn’t turn on right away, it may just be that you haven’t unlocked it yet.  I honestly don’t remember whether or not mine was charged when I got it.

Don’t insert this sex toy.

Be careful when cleaning Siri.  Wash Siri with warm soap and water, but do your best to keep water away from the buttons and the charging port.  Toy wipes, or a washcloth are probably best.

Use only water based lube to prevent Siri from becoming permanently tacky.

Do not leave Siri in direct sunlight and keep her away from heat.

Where’d ya get it?

I got this toy from that store but you can pick it up straight from LELO.

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  1. September 24th, 2010 at 19:33 | #1

    I like my Siri, but I’ve been *loving* my Mona as a clitoral vibe. I find it more rumbly and deep and much easier to hold onto. 🙂

  2. September 24th, 2010 at 21:09 | #2

    @Kayla I haven’t bought Mona yet. I’ve been sort of easing into LELO because I keep hearing I’ll hate them.

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