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Caging, Immobility and More Fear

September 23rd, 2010 4 comments

If you click the picture, it'll take you to Extreme Restraints, where you can buy a cage very much like this one, among other awesome kinky things. That neck hole? Yeah, that freaks me right the fuck out. Almost as much as the hole at the bottom for a food dish. Or bed pan. ~shiver~

Was it yesterday? The day before? I can’t remember.  Master said something to me, and my cunt twitched as my stomach shattered across the tops of my toes, and my whole body came alive.

There’s always been talk of me just falling off the face of the earth.  Getting ourselves into a position where all of the bills can go into His name, and we have our own place instead of a flat, and only have lifestyle friends so if I disappear for weeks at a time the people we know will shrug it off as just something we do, and so M can keep me naked even when we have visitors if He wants to.

I suppose He could do that now, if He wanted, but most of the people we know would be uncomfortable or offended.

He said, “I will eventually keep you in a cage.  I hope you have no delusions about that.”

It was so unexpected, and His voice was so cold.  And I smiled that nervous smile, and turned just slightly away from Him, as if covering my nakedness somehow protected me from the overwhelming feeling of vulnerableness those words induced.  Read more…

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