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This is me… freaking out.

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Oi vey.  Wanna talk about frustration? Grab someone like me, who sucks at research as it is, and toss them into a bunch of governmental websites obviously written by people who know the law, but have never actually had to go through with figuring out how to follow it, and see just how quickly I lose interest in figuring out how to go about licensing my business.

Maybe today I’ll look at store layouts and carts instead.  Though I’m pretty sure one of the geeks who will be handling the technical side (As if I have this giant team.  There are two.  Two net geeks totally willing to work for free, because they rock, and they luffs me muchly.  We’ll not mention that one of them is my husband, which is why I didn’t flat out tell the other no.  M hardly has time for stuff as it is!) has an idea for a cart he’s used before and likes.  Read more…

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