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What We Did on “Vacation”… Somewhat

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This picture has nothing, whatever, to do with the post. It just looks so peaceful. And the wall gives the imagination reason to believe no one could ever bother one there.

Yes, I realize there’s no “Getting Fit” for last week.  No, I didn’t forget.  We took a “mental health” vacation that almost turned into a “gone completely ’round the bend” vacation thanks to M’s HR person, for which I scheduled a lot of posts, so I could stay away from the internet and my computer if I was so inclined.  And I figured that getting online to talk about how we were stepping away from the computers to improve our mental health was sort of defeating the purpose.

Let’s see…  What’d we do last week?

M’s vacation started on payday.  So we bused it into town, and stopped by His office.  We only intended to be there a minute or two, but I think we ended up staying at least an hour.  First M had to talk to the boss.  Then the CEO.  Then the HR person.

Speaking of the HR person, if you saw our call for attorneys, you know that we’re still having issues with regard to M’s child support.  And at this point, it’s not completely child support’s fault.  It’s also partially the fault of the HR person at M’s job, who insists that it’s not her job to keep track of how much she’s withholding from M’s paycheck.  ~blink~  Read more…

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