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SJP#274 – Respect

September 14th, 2010

How do you address others in the lifestyle? Do you automatically give strangers respect, or give automatic courtesy and wait for the individual to earn personal respect?

My owner is of the belief that a submissive, and especially a slave, should be respectful to men and women calling themselves dominant.

I mean, He prefers that I be polite to everyone we come across.  But I am especially required to be polite to dominant people.  And He’ll not be particularly upset if I wind up in a bitching match with some submissive, so long as I didn’t start it.  How I’m supposed to address dominant people has fluctuated over the years.  I think, right now, I’m supposed to ask most dominants what they prefer to be addressed by.  I don’t always remember.  Or I don’t talk to them often, and don’t think of it when I do.  And I never really know what to say.  “What do I call you?” sounds… I dunno.  Maybe I’m being dumb.

It’s not so much about respect, as it is about common decency to your fellow man.  Unless someone gives you a reason, what’s the point in being a dick? Cause you don’t agree they’re worthy of the title dominant? And who the fuck are you?

As for my point of view…

I’m just… nice.  I get along with everyone, or try to at least.  I don’t have to have something in common with someone to talk to or hang out with them, cause I’m good at listening, and asking questions.  When I’m not babbling incessantly about whatever excites me or annoys me that day.

And I don’t even have to particularly like someone to be nice to them.  That’s courtesy of my mother.

I don’t see the point in insulting someone I don’t even know by refusing to accept their own personal perception about him or herself.  I mean, a) I’m a slave, and b) I don’t know jack shit about this person, so how the hell do I know?

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