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Product Review: SinFive Emigi by Wolwin GmbH

September 10th, 2010

For comparison – Top: Plastic Ben Wa Balls, Bottom: Teneo Uno, Left: Teneo Duo, Right: Smartballs, Middle: Emigi

Ooo, what’s that?

It kinda looks like a peanut with a tail, doesn’t it? It’s SinFive Emigi by Wolwin GmbH, and so far, I’m totally hooked on this line.  (Haha! Pun Optional!)

What’d it come in?

This adorable little clear plastic pouch with the instructions folded up on a white piece of paper inside that doubles as the label.  

How’s it made?

Hold this thing next to your ear and give it a good shake.  Hear that rattle? There are ben wa balls inside the WTP shell this kegel peanut is made of, meant to stimulate the vaginal walls and muscles and aid in pc muscle strength and health.  There are no phthalates or latex in this toy.  It’s nonporous and hypoallergenic.  And on the outside is an anti-microbial coating designed to kill microorganisms on contact.  You can’t get much more body safe than that.

Including the tail, this toy is about six inches long, give or take a half an inch or so, since it seems like exact length varies depending on color combination.  Or something.

The peanut is about two and one-half inches long, and an inch wide.  Just slightly larger than a tampon, and no more difficult to insert.

It is kinda squishy, having a mostly hollow inside.  But it’s not flexible or wobbly.  And the surface has a similar feel to silicone.  Smooth, and not really tacky, but with a good amount of drag.

What’s it for?

Stimulation of the vaginal walls and the pc muscles, and maintaining pc health and strength.  And it’s super easy to use.  Just slip it in, and go for a walk.  Or clean your house.  Or sit still and squeeze your muscles.

How is it?

Rayne’s Rating:
Pros: Cons:
easily inserted/extracted

This kegelcizer is awesome.

Like, really, really awesome.

So since most kegel balls work better when you’re moving around, I insert them when we go for walks, unless I’m menstruating.  And walking? Is amazing.

We took a stroll down the bike trail a few weeks ago, and I quickly, and easily achieved orgasm from g-spot stimulation caused by the Emigi moving inside of me with each step.  It was awesome.  And made even more so by the fact that I usually can’t cum without clitoral stimulation.

I can’t guarantee this will work for you.  But I can tell you the rest of the super awesome things about this kegelcizer.

The material is anti-microbial, so nothing’s gonna grow on this baby.  It’s relatively short, and thin, so pretty much anyone can use it without any sort of irritation.  You can’t hear the balls rattling around when it’s inserted, though you can occasionally feel them.  It mostly stays put, provided you don’t push it out, or use/produce too much lubrication (I’ve managed the former but never the latter.).  The tail is soft, flexible and not at all poky or annoying.

Overall, it’s a quality-made, comfortable kegelcizer that I absolutely love.

Anything else I should know?

Don’t worry! The antimicrobial property of this toy will not affect the vagina’s delicate balance.

Do not use oil based lube.  Silicone and water based are fine.

Do not boil, or wash in the dish washer or washing machine.

Do not step on, or otherwise squish, Emigi.  Okay, the destructions don’t say that.  But I had this rubber ball once that was hollow inside, and made from two different parts glued together, as Emigi appears to be.  And this one time, I stepped on it, and, instead of shooting out from under my foot like it usually did, it popped.  I think I’d cry if Emigi popped.

Do use warm water and a mild soap to clean Emigi before and after use.

Do save Emigi’s package to store it in, cause it’s so small there’s really no reason not to.

Where’d ya get it?

I bought this kegel exerciser from that store, and so far, I can’t find another store that carries it. As soon as I do, I’ll get a link added to this review. 🙂

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