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Getting Fit: Weeks 6 & 7

September 9th, 2010

This is how I feel, sometimes. Old sports trophies included.

So… Uh… I forgot this last week.  Totally forgot.  And when I remembered on Saturday, I didn’t feel like working, so I said, “Fuck it.” and left it alone.

I guess that tells you what kind of week it was.

I think we walked twice? Maybe?

My period’s two weeks late, so I’m hella grumpy.  No, I’m not pregnant.  (I hope!) This just happens sometimes.  Once or twice a year, usually, but for a while there, I was having a pretty normal run.  And when it’s late, I’m always extra grumpy.  As if how grumpy I am already isn’t enough. 

My neighbor says she’s cursing me so that I’m pregnant, and I’m having a boy, and I’m naming it Xavier.  Oh, and, she and her husband are going to watch Xavier from time to time because I have beautiful hair, and she doesn’t want me to go bald.  And they’re going to be the god parents.  And they’re gonna have their daughters, whose boys are just growing out of their infant clothes, send me some of what they’re not using anymore.  Just as soon as I get the test done and she knows for sure.

I’m pretty sure Science trumps Hoodoo, and my tubes are supposedly cut and burned (What? It’s not like I watched the procedure! They knocked me out as soon as the baby was out! And I turned down their kind offer of pictures.  I’m not really interested in what my insides look like, and they’d probably just show me whatever picture they grabbed off their desk.  “What do you mean, it says ‘National Geographic’ on the photo? Attached to a magazine? What magazine? Where? I think maybe we accidentally overdosed you, girl.”), but wouldn’t that be funny?

If it works, I’m totally asking her to curse me with $75,000 a year, since that’s what the state mental health facility for minors says it costs to care for a child.  I figure if her Hoodoo gave me a baby, it should pay child support.

I really shouldn’t make fun of Hoodoo.  That’s some freaky shit.

I think we’ve walked twice this week, too.

We would have been fine financially, but we had a family emergency spring up that we’re having to take care of tomorrow.  Quite a few people bought quite a few things to help us out, and for that we are grateful.  It’s been a great deal of help.

Why is it family emergencies always require money? Blah.

Our neighbors are making me really nervous, and I’m about ready to drop our spending down to bear bones, even reverting to doing every last bit of shopping at Aldis (including our meat :/), so we can move.  It’s that bad.  But M’s comfortable, so we’ll see what happens, I guess.

I’m in the process of finding the middle ground between bitching too much and not speaking my mind enough.  And finding out that sometimes I’m a pissy bitch with expectations that are out of this world.

I guess that’s about it.

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