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Getting Fit – Week 5

August 26th, 2010

The other day, M said there’s a ton of shit He does to maintain my mental health issues and/or keep me from getting upset with myself over them.  And it was a pretty solid wake-up call.  So I’m in the process of looking around for mind exercises that won’t bore me to death, or cost me anything to do.  If anyone has any suggestions, they would be much appreciated.

As much as I make fun of Cin for how much she organizes and re-organizes her days, and her computers, and everything else, I’ve been going crazy trying to keep this laptop organized.  However, unlike Cin, I started this Macbook out the way I want it, and I’m gonna keep it the way I want it, and I’m hoping that’ll do wonders for keeping me on task.  And also unlike Cin, I’m not gonna just suddenly decide I need to use different organization tactics, and reorganize the whole damn thing.  And finally, unlike Cin, I’m not gonna make redundant lists and spreadsheets all over the place.  (Don’t worry.  Cin knows I love her, and I’m mostly teasing.  Mostly.

I found out that Stickies is a standard dashboard widget on Macbooks (or at least on my Macbook), and added it to my dashboard.  Speaking of which, hold on one sec while I go scratch something off of it….Okay, that’s finished.  Wanna see what my dashboard looks like? Click to enlarge if you want, but the tiny pic gives a general idea of what it looks like.

L-R, T-B: Game I never play, calculator, unit convertor, weather, calender, dictionary/thesaurus, world clock, Stickies

I’m still working on telling the bitch downstairs no.  She’s a pushy so-and-so, and continues to ask until you say yes.  Last night, though, I made her bring her ass up here to borrow something from me, and then made her give it back to me before I went to bed so I could be sure it came back.  And it was a good thing, too, because her phone was stolen, and she busted pretty much everything in her house.  Herself.  And today, I put my foot down, took my phone from her, and walked my happy ass upstairs.  So yay me.

And I still feel like an asshole for doing it, because honestly, what was walking up and down the stairs hurting? Well… my free time with Master is what it was hurting, so now I don’t feel like an asshole anymore.  Yay me again.

See? I’m getting better at this already!

Today makes the second day we’ve worked on the porch, which I love.  I can’t decide which is gonna be better.  A late summer day like today, when there are a few puffy gray clouds marking the beginning or end of a storm, and a cool breeze whipping the leaves off confused trees that thought sure summer just began, or the first autumn morning we spend in this spot, sipping hot coffee and eating a bagel sandwich.  Me in my giant, fluffy, green-striped sweater that’s probably three or four sizes too big for me (I believe I’m much larger than I am, and hate shopping for clothes.  Not so much the shopping part as the trying clothes on part.  So the vast majority of my clothes are too big for me.), and M in His black one that He looks so hot in.  The one I insist on wearing because it feels good to have Him so close to me.

A yellow leaf just landed on the balcony beside me.  Fall’s coming early.  My neighbor said his mom’s telling him she’s already raking up leaves in North Carolina.  Southern falls are the best.  The crisp, cool air is a good ten degrees warmer than New England falls.  Of course, there are less apple orchards.

Our walks are sporadic, but we’re trying.

Oh! A Dandelion seed just landed on my keyboard.  Oops.  The wind picked it up before I could.

Yeah… I’m probably not going to get much work done outside.  Which only means I need to get my ass in gear earlier in the day.

We’ve got $4, and payday’s not till Monday.  But I’m pretty sure we’re set till then.  We should be.  I hope.  Though I’m not sure what I’m doing about lunches till then.  We went through our lunch foods faster than anticipated.  But that’s cause we resort to sandwiches when we run out of healthier snacks.  Gonna have to do a better job of shopping this pay period.  Maybe even make a meal plan! ~gasp~

I’m supposed to do that anyway.  It used to be one of my weekly tasks, and wasn’t ever really dropped.  I just got frustrated because we never stuck to it.  I think this time around, I’ll just make out a general list of things to make over the pay period, and not worry about assigning them to days.  That way, if we have chicken on Saturday, when I’d considered making beef, it’s more of an idea than a cemented plan, and I don’t feel like all my hard work making sure each meal was different, and the week’s menu flowed nicely, was for nothing.

So that’s where I am, right now.  Flighty as all hell cause it’s flipping gorgeous outside, and trying to stay organized to make our life less hectic and by-the-seat-of-our-pants.  At least we’re steadily making progress.  For now.

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