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Facing My Limitations

August 26th, 2010 3 comments

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The other day, M and I had an argument… sort of.  It was meant to be a discussion, and we tried to keep it conversational, but emotions got high, as they tend to do, and tempers flared, and we were both licking wounds when things were over.  We worked it out, and we promised each other we’d fix it.

But something He said stuck with me.

He told me there’s a shit ton of stuff that He does throughout the day to help me maintain an even keel, and stay on task.  He reminds me of things often, and points out obstacles I don’t see so I won’t trip over them (literally and figuratively), and when He sees me trying to take something from the bottom of the pile without moving everything, He’ll make me stop and take everything off the pile first so I don’t knock it all over.  All of this, and more, He does so I don’t freak out about how clumsy I am, or get upset about my failing memory, or get frustrated with my disabilities.  Read more…