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Letter 6: Someone From My Childhood

August 23rd, 2010 1 comment

This is probably really crass, but it's perfect. I'm still laughing.

Dear T,

I’m doing this read-a-few-blog-posts-and-reviews-write-a-few-words-elsewhere-do-whatever-I-can-to-avoid-writing-this-letter thing that I do every time I decide to write about something that makes me uncomfortable.  Or something I’m not altogether certain how I should (do?) feel about it.  Or something I’m still confused about.  Or something I’m sure will get a reaction I don’t want to hear.  And this letter is all of the above.

I’ve briefly written about you here. I met you when I was in kindergarten.  You were in ninth grade.  And even back then, I knew enough to know your family was fucked up.

It all started with you and another ninth grader on our block trying to talk me into taking my shirt off.  You asked once, and left it alone when I said no, but she (your ninth grader friend was a girl) was mean about it.  And the only reason I didn’t want to was because I didn’t have any boobs! I didn’t feel like I shouldn’t, or like I was being bullied.  I didn’t really question any of it.  Friends that were my age were always ripping their clothes off.  And hell, I still went swimming in just shorts sometimes.  But your ninth grader friend had boobs, and I didn’t, and I was afraid that if you saw (as if you couldn’t tell through my clothes) I didn’t have any boobs, you wouldn’t want to be my friend anymore.  Read more…