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Product Review: Toyfluid by Fun Factory

August 20th, 2010

41978Ooo, what’s that?

I’ve been babbling about it for… weeks? Months? It’s Fun Factory’s Toyfluid, and it’s my all time fave.

I know… I know… A lot of my most recent purchases have been my all time faves.  But here’s the thing… I’ve been buying really quality products lately! And you can, too, if you use coupon code “D24” for 15% off your entire purchase!

What’d it come in?

Toyfluid comes in that nifty silver bottle you see to the right, there.  Mine, however, instead of having “Love yourself!” up the side of the bottle, has it written on the bottom of the red and tan label, complete with ingredients, and pictures of the LAYAspot, Delight, Smart Balls, and what appears to be Heartbreaker II, though I could be wrong.  It’s one of their various g-spot vibes, at any rate.

I’m sort of disturbed by the fact that I can identify sex toys I don’t even own on the sides of bottles of lube.  I also just noticed that my “background noise” problem isn’t just hearing related.  I have a really difficult time picking things out of busy pictures, too.  Especially if the items in the back bleed through the items in the front (which they do on this bottle), or don’t have strong, sharp edges.

The top screws off if you’d prefer to pour this lube, but the top is the coolest pump-top lid I’ve ever seen.  Talk about convenience.  No lube spills.  Never leaks.  Really conserves the amount you use.  Occasionally, I miss my fingers.  But that’s usually cause I’m trying to be tricksy, and use the bottle one-handed without tilting it at all.  It’s really not made for that.  You gotta tilt it forward some to make sure it lands where you want it.

It comes with an open piece of plastic that fits between the pump top and the screw-on part.  It keeps the top from accidentally squirting anything when you’re traveling.

How’s it made?

From the bottle:

Toyfluid is a rich and highly concentrated lubricant.  I provides a silky smooth feeling when used with erotic toys and reduces unpleasant friction.  Toyfluid is condom-safe and easy to clean and leaves no residue: perfect for silicone toys!


Aqua, Glycerin, Ethoxydiglycol, Guar Hydroxypropycellulose, Citric Acid (!), Benzyl Alcohol/Methylisothiazolinone/Methylchloroisothiazolinone

As you can see, it’s L-Arginine, petro-chemicals and paraben free.

Knowing that citric acid is a common additive in things like soda, I wanted to know why on Earth it’s in my lube.  And honestly, I don’t know.  But the most notable uses that Fun Factory could have had in mind are these:

  • Ash rocks and Citric acid is used in biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry to passivate high-purity process piping (in lieu of using nitric acid). Nitric acid is considered hazardous to dispose once used for this purpose, while citric acid is not.  Because it says “pharmaceutical”, I figure maybe this could have something to do with their process? I dunno.  All I know about how to make lube I learned on Mythbusters.
  • Citric acid is commonly used as a buffer to increase the solubility of brown heroin.  I’m not sure what they’d be trying to dissolve, because, again, I have no clue how lube is made.  But it’s a thought! I mean, they dissolved something into something on Mythbusters when they made cow lube! I just don’t remember what the various somethings were.
  • Citric acid is one of the chemicals required for the synthesis of HMTD, a highly heat-, friction-, and shock-sensitive explosive similar to acetone peroxide. For this reason, purchases of large quantities of citric acid may rouse suspicion of potential terrorist activity.  Er… The things you learn on Wikipedia.  Is Fun Factory trying to blow up my girl parts?! Or maybe they’re just trying to surprise us by increasing the heat? Either way, I’m on to you, Fun Factory!
  • Citric acid can be added to ice cream to keep fat globules separate, and can be added to recipes in place of fresh lemon juice as well. Citric acid is used along with sodium bicarbonate in a wide range of effervescent formulae, both for ingestion (e.g., powders and tablets) and for personal care (e.g., bath salts, bath bombs, and cleaning of grease). Well, Toyfluid definitely isn’t “effervescent”, but there’s that “personal care” word, suggesting that it might be found in lube.
  • Citric acid can be used in shampoo to wash out wax and coloring from the hair. It is notably used in the product “Sun-in” for bleaching, but is generally not recommended due to the amount of damage it causes.  This worries me.  I mean, if it damages hair…
  • Citric acid is used as one of the active ingredients in the production of anti-viral tissues.  Wait… what? So are there any of the other active ingredients used in the production of anti-viral tissues in this lube?

I… dunno.  But there’s at least one ingredient that needs dissolving! And another that’s a little… on the scary side.  See for yourself!

From Wikipedia:

Some studies have shown MIT to be allergenic and cytotoxic, and this has led to some concern over its use. In early December, 2004, a news broadcast from WNYT in Albany, NY (Hey, that’s one of our local stations!) reported that methylisothiazolinone had been linked to nerve cell death in scientific studies. In 2002, there was an in vitro study of the neurotoxicity of MIT in the department of Neurobiology at the University of Pittsburgh. In that study, it was shown that a short exposure (10 min) to concentrations of MIT of 30-100 micromolar (or 4-12 parts per million) were lethal to mature neurons in tissue culture, but not to other brain cells, such as astrocytes (support cells). The lethal actions of MIT were due to its ability to liberate the metal zinc from intracellular metal-binding sites. The liberated zinc, in turn, triggered a cell death cascade in neurons that was characterized by the sequential activation extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK) and NADPH oxidase. This activity led to production of reactive oxygen species (free radicals), DNA damage and the overactivation of the DNA repair enzyme poly(ADP-ribose)polymerase, or PARP. Overactivation of PARP has been linked by many investigators to cell death due to its consumption of reduced equivalents and depletion of cellular energy sources (ATP). Additional studies from the same laboratory have observed that CMIT may be significantly (30-100 times) more potent that MIT. All these studies were performed on rat brain cells in culture. A CFTA (Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association) response statement has come out, strongly asserting that MIT is safe in cosmetic formulas.

Ahem.  Well… okay then.

I’m assuming the amounts in this bottle are nontoxic.  I’m also assuming most of these things are preservatives to keep the lube from going bad.  Which I suppose is important.  I mean, bad lube would be… Well… Bad.

What’s it for?

Added… lubrication? One can use Toyfluid anally or vaginally.  For handjobs.  For boob jobs.  And with pretty much any toy material around.

How is it?

Rayne’s Rating:
Pros: Cons:
feels real
blends in well with natural fluids
doesn’t get sticky
reactivates easily with water or spit
doesn’t flake
Sketchy ingredients that probably aren’t actually
sketchy. I just suck at science.

Sketchy ingredients aside…

What? I could be totally off base.  These ingredients could totally be harmless.


Sketchy ingredients aside, this lube rocks my socks.  It’s the only one I use anymore.  For anal plugs and vaginal masturbation, anyway.

(I’m still looking for a good warming lube for hand jobs.  Suggestions?)

It stays slick for a good long time.  The pump top allows you to use exactly how much you need, so there’s no waste.  It doesn’t get sticky or flaky.  Eventually, it just absorbs into the skin.  It seems to actually stimulate my vagina into creating more of its own natural fluids, but it’s possible it’s just that it’s so similar to my own natural fluids that it just seems that way.

It washes off toys and body parts easily.  It doesn’t have much of an odor or flavor.

This stuff… is amazing.  My absolute favorite.

Anything else I should know?

It burned for half a second the first time I used it.  While I do occasionally have reactions to glycerin in soaps and such, the burn was so mild, and lasted for such a short time, I decided to try it again.  The second time, and every time since, I’ve not had a problem.  Except when I have the stomach flu and use this lube anally.  I’ll let you figure out why on your own.

Where’d ya get it?

I bought Toyfluid at that store, but you can pick it up at LoveHoney.

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