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Getting Fit – Week 4

August 19th, 2010 2 comments

So as you know, I got in trouble this week.  M punished me.  And things went back to normal.  Sort of.

I think He intentionally touches my boobs more now.  O.o

He’s definitely trying to maintain the master role and not let me slide.  Which, right now, isn’t so difficult, what with that chain still hanging there, and my boobs being covered in bruises and welts (That are already healing.  I told Him He should have taken pictures! It’ll be months before He’s able to mark me like that again.), and the punishment still fresh in my mind.

He got a new laptop from work, and gave me His old one, so I’m envisioning crisp fall mornings on the balcony, both of us with hot apple cider, or cocoa, or coffee, while we tap-tap-tap away at work.  Wearing jeans and sweaters and maybe even wrapped up in blankets.  I plan on insisting.  Not that that means anything.  Read more…