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Letter 5: My Dreams

August 16th, 2010

Dear Law School, Civil Rights Cases and Defendants Needing an Attorney Who Believes in “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”,

I’m sorry.  Having fun, getting married, and being owned took precedence.  And I keep hearing about how I’ll regret it eventually.  But the only thing I regret is taking so long to get myself under control so M would be willing to allow me to get involved.


But you’ve warped a bit.  I can’t decide whether or not it’s my place to fight for people who won’t fight for themselves.  I mean, what if they like being where they are?

These days, I just want to be happy, healthy, and humble.  I want to find the good in even the darkest day, and smile at the sulkiest neighbor.  I want to not care who someone is any more than a friend should, so long as it doesn’t affect me negatively, because I want them to not care who I am any more than a friend should, so long as it doesn’t affect them negatively.

I want peace.  And comfort.  And happiness.  And neighborly contentment.  For everyone.

But barring that, I’ll settle for figuring out how to help those who can’t help themselves.  Not those who won’t.  And a proven method to tell the difference.

I want grow old with my master.

I want our friends and us to find a place in time when we’re all ready, willing and able to come together and hang out.  And a location that works out for all of us.

I want that slow and easy gait the old folks always talked about.  That moment when you’ve finally settled up your debt, and have no real expenditure, and can just sort of coast along on autopilot unless you feel the need to save up for something.  Figuratively and literally.

But mostly, I just want to live life to the fullest.  Make each day count.

Thanks for putting up with me.  And going with the flow.


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