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Getting Fit – Week 3

August 14th, 2010

I realized, as I was putting my shoes on to walk down to the store, that I forgot to write this on Thursday.  My apologies.  I was a bit preoccupied.

M took an enormous leap in His mental health fitness this week.  I’m so proud of Him.  It’s going to sound silly to you all, I’m sure, but it’s far from silly to us.

On Thursday, M went to the horse track with His boss.  He could have begged out of the track part, I’m sure.  Heaven knows He has plenty of work to use as an excuse.  But He chose to stay and enjoy Himself.  Without me.

It’s not that He’s afraid to go places without me.  He’s just more comfortable with someone as familiar as I am in the room with Him.  Even if I’m on the other side hanging out with the girls. 

That, and most of the time He is probably one of the most fair owners I’ve met.  He doesn’t like going places like that, and having a good, time when He knows I’m at home bored out of my skull.

(I wasn’t bored.  I sat on Skype with Cin all day, which is something we never get to do because M is always on the phone.  And I started my video review.  And I worked on my bloopers reel from the last one for a while.)

On top of that, we’d had a pretty big fight the day before.  When I left, I left while He was gone.  It was a horrible thing to do.  If I had the balls to leave, I should have had the balls to face Him when I did it.  But I was a coward.  So with the fight the day before, and the fact that He was going to be in a place where He was going to have to hold it together (Before the track, He had a training conference.), His paranoia issues went into overdrive.

But He did have a good time.  And He only lost a couple dollars.  And He drank Coronas with His boss cause they were free.  And He even enjoyed them, though He doesn’t usually drink beer.

But everything was fine for both of us, and He ended up having a really great time.

Me, on the other hand… He told me the last race was at 6:04pm and I started to panic.  I figured with traffic He wouldn’t be home till at least 8.  It’s been a long, long time since we’ve been apart that long.  And He’s managed to make my comfort depend on His presence as well.  That was on purpose, though, and isn’t likely something we’ll attempt to change.

We walked a lot on Wednesday, and a couple times on a few other days.  We walked some today, but He had a lot of work to catch up on, so we did what we could.  We shopped at grocery stores instead of ordering out.

I’ve been keeping the kitchen clean, but we’re slacking in the living room.  I need to get on it.

I’ve decided I need to be doing the strength training exercises that I used to do, so I’m gonna start those again.  M’s skin seems to be just snapping back into shape, which is odd since He doesn’t drink anywhere near as many fluids as I do.  Mine, on the other hand… is not.  So I’m gonna try Lilly’s suggestion of coco butter and the strength training.  Hopefully, it’ll help.

We’re getting there.

I guess I hoped that we’d set our sights on it and just go for it.  But everyone stumbles once in a while.  We’ll make it.  Eventually.

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