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Why ID, Mindcryme, Melen & rayne will NEVER be on FaceBook

August 12th, 2010 1 comment

I hate FaceBook campaigns.  Hate them.  They destroy any chance I’ll ever have of winning the super awesome toys I want to own but haven’t bought yet.  O.o

On a more serious note, I just plain hate most social networking sites.  I have accounts on some.  Not a lot of them, but a few.  A couple art sites, Twitter (of course), Fet, YouTube, Eden Fantasys, damn near all the popular social bookmarking sites and… And now?

I want to go retrieve all my information and say, “Fuck internet socializing!” But I can’t.  Cause it’s all out there forever, thanks to things like The Wayback Machine and Google archives.  And I’m so incredibly glad I’ve been married to a man who specializes in internet security since before social networking sites were so huge.  Because compared to some of my friends, I’m an internet ghost.  Read more…

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