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Pleasurists #90

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Abandoned Nude by tiago13pereira

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Letter 4: The friendliest person I knew for only one day

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Dear Guy on the Bus,

The last rehab I was in was a twelve hour bus ride from the one I’d just been asked to leave.  Where I lived was right smack dab between the two of them, so it was a six hour bus ride home.  And even though both the bus ride up to the rehab I was at before that and the ride down to the last one I was in were uneventful, I was still shaking like a leaf.

On the ride up, I’d been heavily medicated.  My medication had been lowered while I was in that place, but I had my anger at the injustice of being kicked out for something I had nothing to do with to keep me from concentrating too hard on the fact that I was alone on a bus traveling from the tip-top of the state down to the bottom.  Read more…