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Intimacy in Love-Making

August 7th, 2010

This morning, M made the sweetest love to me.  It’s very, very rare that our sexcapades can be called love-making.  The vast majority of the time, it’s something much more primal.  Raw, and rough, and rugged.  Like a beast claiming his mate in the forest.

Not this morning.

This morning, He curled up beside me and pulled my back tight up against His chest.  He lovingly traced every bump and curve with His fingertips and pressed tiny kisses to my shoulders and neck and back.  He held me tight in His arms, squeezing ever tighter, pulling closer, as if He were trying to crawl inside my skin. 

Years ago, I could never get close enough to Him.  I was petrified that if I let even an atom’s worth of space between us, He’d disappear.  And He’d ask me if I were trying to crawl inside His skin.  And I asked, “Are you trying to crawl inside my skin?”

Sex is rarely an intimate experience for us in the way that it is for some.  I mean, there is still intimacy involved.  It’s impossible for there not to be when you have no choice but to allow your body to be used in whatever way your owner chooses.  It’s just not always the romantic, loving, drawing each other closer kind of intimacy.  It’s often the pursuing, prying, predatory kind of intimacy.

This morning, while M played with my hair, and my breasts, and held me, and kissed me, I realized that this closeness, this gentle, loving, intimate love-making is something I need from time to time.  Seriously needed more recently.  Probably, we could have found that level of intimacy in some other way.  But finding it during intercourse was definitely just what the doctor ordered.

I’ve been pretty convinced, of late, that I just didn’t matter anymore.  That He didn’t really want me, wasn’t really interested in me.

And ya know, I figured He just needed to beat me.  It’s been a while.  I haven’t really cried for Him in ages.  Maybe He’s right and I was forgetting my place.

But the place I was forgetting was my place as His wife.  And I thought He was forgetting it, too.

He asked me, while we made love, if I would stay His wife and His toy.  And later, He told me that He had sex with me because He wanted to crawl inside my skin, and the sex was the next best thing.  He couldn’t get close enough to me.  Couldn’t show me enough what I meant to Him.

I needed that.  Truly.  What an amazing man I have.

I love you, Master.  Truly.

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  1. August 7th, 2010 at 21:40 | #1

    That’s a really beautiful entry, about what sounds like a really beautiful experience.

    I think those sorts of sessions are even more special when the “norm” is the far more carnal sort of love.

    LF x

  2. August 9th, 2010 at 03:26 | #2


    Cool beans. Now I find myself missing something I’ve never had…


  3. August 9th, 2010 at 09:45 | #3

    I still love you more, slut.

  4. August 27th, 2010 at 10:30 | #4

    That’s a really nice story, I need that kind of intimacy in my partner and my love making from time to time as well. It’s really hard for us at times when we are in a go go go time state as well so I feel like we never have time for it. So when you do get it, it feels great and I am glad you did and it helped to reinforce things between you and your hubby.

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