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Getting Fit – Week 2

August 5th, 2010

Not too long ago, I’d have just let this drop.  Complete failure after just a week would have been too much for me to admit to, and I’d have let it drop hoping no one would notice.

Yep… Complete and total failure.

Friday night we partied a little too hard.  The party extended into Saturday.  Sunday we attempted to recuperate, but it proved easier said than done.  Monday we did as little as possible to get by.  Well, I did.  M hasn’t been able to.  He’s been working on some huge thing for work.  As usual.

Tuesday, was basically the same.  Yesterday, M was too busy, too tired, and in too much pain from the two weak whiskey sours He had Tuesday night (We think His body’s deciding for Him that it’s time to stop even social drinking, which is actually more than what M does.  He’s had maybe two drinks a pay period for… at least six months or more.  I’m the lush.) to change that.  And today, the rain might keep us in.  Here’s hoping M’s faster than the rain.

I’ve been drinking more soda than water because… Well… whiskey doesn’t taste so good in water.

We haven’t paid our light bill because we haven’t left the house.  Well, He hasn’t.  I’ve popped into the convenience store a couple times for necessary items that weren’t worth paying $15 for a cab to buy.  But the bill’s not due for another week, anyway, and we have the money set aside.  We just have to have time to walk down to the payment center.  Maybe another Saturday chore.

We did stop down to the meat market and got enough food to get by if we didn’t leave the house.  We’re running out of sides, though, so we’re gonna have to go somewhere, soon.  I was hoping to stretch it till Saturday, cause it’s easier to go out on weekends, but we’re at least making another cheese run today.  I might pick up a few other things while we’re there.  Seems logical enough.

I still haven’t remembered to write in my journal.  I need to find it put it on the bed so I remember tonight.  Matter of fact, I’ll go do that right now.  Ahem.

My daily tasks have been sporadic but I’m doing them.  And I only let dishes slide twice.  On two separate occasions, not two nights in a row.

So I guess it’s not complete failure.  But it feels like it.  Here we go climbing back on the horse.

P.S. Master wasn’t faster than the rain.  But it was the best kind.  Just barely this side of warm and light enough that even round trip to the meat market, we’re still not drenched.  I like it.

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