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Getting Fit – Week 2

August 5th, 2010 Comments off

Not too long ago, I’d have just let this drop.  Complete failure after just a week would have been too much for me to admit to, and I’d have let it drop hoping no one would notice.

Yep… Complete and total failure.

Friday night we partied a little too hard.  The party extended into Saturday.  Sunday we attempted to recuperate, but it proved easier said than done.  Monday we did as little as possible to get by.  Well, I did.  M hasn’t been able to.  He’s been working on some huge thing for work.  As usual. Read more…

Letter 3: Your Parents – Dad #2

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Dear Dad,

Funny how, though you’re my birth father, and my adoptive father and I have a million and one issues, you’re still “Dad #2”.  Why is that, I wonder?

What’s odd is that I can’t bring myself to hate you.  I’ve heard stories, and logic says at least some of them are true, but stories or no, I can’t preach innocence until guilt is proven without allowing you the same privilege.

But really?

Five thousand dollars, even in the 80s, isn’t much for a baby.  You could have gotten more on the black market.  But here you were, with your hand out to the only living daughter of a man who’s always done pretty well for himself, and all you could think to ask for was $5000.00? Was it that you didn’t think they’d agree to more, or just that I wasn’t worth more to you?

You wanna hear my version? Read more…