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Procrastination FTL! Apple cider FTW!

July 26th, 2010


Sitting here fretting over not having a blog topic while I chat with my buds and glue myself to Hootsuite.  All the while not even realizing that I was giving myself a topic.

I feel like puking.  I made a resolution, within myself, yesterday, to stay on top of things.  The house, my writing, my time management… All of it.

As a beginning, I spent the day (yesterday) cleaning the house top to bottom.  Everything except the bedroom and the closets.  The bedroom and closets are going to require cash, patience and a day with no real direction.  And we’ll probably have a yard sale afterward.  So I’m hoping to get it done this weekend.  Yard sales are no fun when it’s cold and August is fast upon us. 

Augusts have been sorta cold in Upstate New York, lately.  But June and part of July were sorta cold this year.  So maybe it’ll stay warm till October.  What? It could happen!

God… I just got a mental whiff of apple cider and cider donuts.  I wish we had a car.  But I think I might just try to talk M into cabbing it to one of the orchards this fall.  I’m tired of not having a car keeping us from the things we love.  So what if it’s pricey? If we only do it once (twice at most) a month, it shouldn’t be all that bad, right? And I’m pretty sure a woman told me last fall that there’s an orchard on the bus line.  I might have to look into that.

Wow… Can you believe I’m talking about apple-picking already? Where the hell did 2010 go?

And there I go avoiding my topic.

Today, I basically threw all of the good work I’ve been doing keeping up with my responsibilities out the window.  I haven’t done the dishes, but that’s because I decided to do them while I was working on dinner (and I’m going to!), so I’m not beating myself up so bad over that.  But I also spent the whole morning wasting time and excused it away with writer’s block.

I didn’t have writer’s block.  I was procrastinating.

I mean, true, I couldn’t think of something to write.  But I wasn’t really making much of an effort, either.  And I know there’s a bunch of great resources around the web if I can’t think of something.  Prompt sites for all kinds of topics.

Blah.  How annoying.

But unlike my usual approach, I will not wallow in “I can’t do anything right.”  I will, instead, pick my ass up and get moving on the stuff I wanted to at least begin today.  Because that’s what you do when you stumble.  You get the fuck up, dust yourself off, and do it again till you get it right.

I want to get this right.

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