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Product Review: Neck and Wrist Restraints by Sportsheets

July 16th, 2010

Ooo, what’s that?

This restraint system calls to your more industrial side with its “tool belt” look and feel.  It’s the Neck and Wrist Bondage Restraints by Sportsheets.

What’d it come in?

It came in that clear clam shell box you see to the right.  The lining is paper, and tells you what comes with the set.

How’s it made?

This set is made of black neoprene and nylon, and metal rings and clips.  There are four pieces: a collar, a heavy duty nylon spine of sorts, and two wrist cuffs.

The nylon spine is nineteen inches long and two inches wide.  It’s not super soft, but it’s not scratchy or anything.  The weave is really tight and it feels really strong.  However, holding the metal rings to the sides and bottom is a much thinner piece of black nylon.  While I’m sure it’ll hold up for a while, I’m kinda worried about it eventually letting go over time.  But that might take years, depending on how often you use it. 

The neoprene of the collar is seventeen inches long, with about four extra inches of velcro, allowing it to fit necks up to about twenty inches.  (I know seventeen and four does not equal twenty.)  However, if you stretch this collar to much more than the seventeen inches of the neoprene, the velcro doesn’t hold quite as well.

Each of the cuffs have eleven inches of neoprene with about four and a half inches of extra velcro, giving you between fourteen and fifteen inches to work with.  In the middle of each, there are keyrings that seem to be pretty strong.  And attached to the keyring on one is a small metal clip sort of like you’d find on the end of a dog leash.

The collar is about two inches wide, and the cuffs are an inch an a half.  The inside of the collar and cuffs have a soft cloth lining sewn in.  And on the outside are strips of nylon and velcro.

What’s it for?

You can wear this restraint system down your front, or down your back.  Either way, they’re for keeping your partner’s hands immobile, for the most part.  M uses them for when He just wants me to be restrained, or when we’re playing, or when I’m in trouble… The possibilities are endless.

How is it?

Rayne’s Rating:
Pros: Cons:
industrial look and feel
all pieces are separate
one clip on cuffs
neoprene makes me sweat

M’s inner bondage toy snob reared up when He saw this restraint set.  He immediately started looking it over to see if we could use our leather collar and cuffs with it.  While nylon is some pretty strong stuff, and should keep me from destroying the neoprene lining, it’s not the prettiest get-up in the world, and the neoprene collar makes me sweat more than leather does.  Someone said that makes me weird.  This is what I’ve got to say about that: Whatever!

And that’s not the only thing.

The cuffs only have one clip to hold them to the restraint system.  The idea is that you would thread the clip through each side-by-side ring and clip it to the other cuff.  But probably, if we ever use these cuffs, we’ll buy an extra clip for it.  Because it’s a pain in the ass.  Easier to just clip each cuff to a ring.


I love, love, LOVE the look of the belt.  It reminds me of the way a spine looks.  And it’s ridiculously sturdy.  Even the rings are heavy duty and strong. I’d probably purchase this toy just for the belt if I didn’t get it for review.

The velcro is ridiculously strong.  I’ve tugged and pulled as hard as my hands would allow, with the collar and cuffs on and off, and it doesn’t let go.  That was surprising.

And you don’t have to use the collar or cuffs that come with this set.  If you have a favorite set of cuffs, you can wear those instead.  And if you have a collar thin enough to thread through the loop at the top, you can use that too.

Or, you know, purchase a new set that you like to go along with this.  Whatever strikes your fancy.

Anything else I should know?

You can wash the belt with soap and water, but if you’re careful not to get fluids and such on it, you probably won’t have to wash it too often.

As for the neoprene cuffs and collar, neoprene has a closed cell structure, so it doesn’t absorb fluids or anything.  So all you really need for those is a damp cloth.

And storage is a snap.  Toss it in a drawer.  It’s thin and flexible, so it doesn’t take up too much room.

Where’d ya get it?

This toy was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review. You can pick one up here: Sportsheets Neck and Wrist Bondage Restraint.

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