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Much Ado About Nothing

July 13th, 2010

I’m pretty sure M’s changing my posting schedule.  I’m pretty sure my posting schedule is going to become Mon-Fri, rather than Tues, Thurs and Sat (not that I’ve been especially good at keeping up with that).  Mostly because He doesn’t like my morning being occupied by blogging on Saturday (which is why I rarely get a post up on Saturday).  But also because it’s friggin’ summer, and we should all be outside playing on the weekends, not sitting here tap-tap-tapping away on the internet.

He’s already decided that my work schedule is now Mon-Fri 8-5 just like Him.  That way, when He’s ready to relax, I’m not fretting about something I need to get done for ID or EC or SG or any of the toy companies I review for.  Or, for that matter, ignoring whatever we’re doing because I’m too busy screwing around on the laptop with something I need to get done.

The only problem with that is Mon-Fri 8-5 is also when He wants me to cook and clean and generally take care of Him.  After 5, we find something relaxing to do and… relax. 

I’m gonna have to get faster at this blogging thing.  Even when I generally ignore the rest of the world, it still takes me forever to pound out a post.  Though lately, it’s because I’ve been cleaning when I get stuck, rather than surfing the worldwide web.

You’d think that would mean our house is spotless.  It’s not.  It’s a wreck.  I am in serious need of more storage space.  That or I’m gonna have to have a yard sale.  Cause we have entirely too much junk that we never even look at, let alone use.

Maybe I’ll start adding shippable non-sex stuff to the “For Sale!” list.

Speaking of the “For Sale!” list…

We’re going to have to get an attorney for the child support situation.  It’s gotten worse, not better.  It’s looking like they applied every single check M’s company sent, and all checks required were sent, and they’re still claiming M owes $3500 in arrears.  And the child support unit is basically telling M that, if He can’t find a check they didn’t apply, it’s, “Tough shit.”

So… we’re going to have to get a lawyer.  And while I do have that donation button down there on the sidebar, I hate asking for money for nothing in return.  So I will, instead, ask you to check out that “For Sale!” list up there, and see if there’s anything you’d like to buy.

The prices listed are retail prices from the sites I got the toys from, not asking price.  Feel free to make us an offer.  Just make sure it’s fair, and leaves us something after shipping.

Not that that’ll get us far, but I’m hoping it’ll at least cover the retainer.  We’ll see, I guess.

Or! If you don’t see anything you’d like to buy there, but you’d still like to help, check out one of the stores in our store list.  We get a percentage of any purchases you make through the links on our list, so that’ll be a great help, too.  And if you shop with us at Eden Fantasys, you can use the code “D24” for 15% off.

Yes, I am ridiculously embarrassed about asking our readers to spend money to help us out.  I apologize, but it’s that serious.

We got all sorts of neat new toys for M to play with with my last round of gift cards.  These endurance clamps that hurt way too much, and the Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System, and a set of vampire gloves that He’s already having way too much fun with.  And I think today I’m gonna give these Ben Wa Balls a shot, since we’re walking down to the market in a little while.  But the best parts of this round, by far, have turned out to be Kama Sutra’s Body Souffle, and Shunga Secret Garden.  You’re just gonna have to wait till the reviews to find out why, though.

Speaking of reviews, I’ve decided that I am gonna start doing a round up of all the stuff I do elsewhere, but I’m gonna do it monthly.  If things start to heat up, and I’ve suddenly got tons of people beating down my door for guest posts, that might change.  But for now, watch for a list of things I did off site on or around the first of every month.

Much ado about nothing.  Hopefully, tomorrow’s post will be more fun.


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