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Much Ado About Nothing

July 13th, 2010 Comments off

I’m pretty sure M’s changing my posting schedule.  I’m pretty sure my posting schedule is going to become Mon-Fri, rather than Tues, Thurs and Sat (not that I’ve been especially good at keeping up with that).  Mostly because He doesn’t like my morning being occupied by blogging on Saturday (which is why I rarely get a post up on Saturday).  But also because it’s friggin’ summer, and we should all be outside playing on the weekends, not sitting here tap-tap-tapping away on the internet.

He’s already decided that my work schedule is now Mon-Fri 8-5 just like Him.  That way, when He’s ready to relax, I’m not fretting about something I need to get done for ID or EC or SG or any of the toy companies I review for.  Or, for that matter, ignoring whatever we’re doing because I’m too busy screwing around on the laptop with something I need to get done.

The only problem with that is Mon-Fri 8-5 is also when He wants me to cook and clean and generally take care of Him.  After 5, we find something relaxing to do and… relax.  Read more…

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