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Book Review: Tasting Him edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

July 9th, 2010

Ooo, what’s that?

So a month or so ago, I was asked if I do book reviews. And I said, “Well, I guess it really depends on the book.” Because I have a super short attention span, and reading anything even remotely resembling a textbook just doesn’t end well with me.

I was sort of surprised when I was told that for Oral Sex Month, the Naked Reader Book Club was reading oral sex books. I mean, whole books of nothing but oral sex? Won’t that eventually get… boring?

I decided I had to start somewhere, though, and chose Tasting Him: Oral Sex Stories, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, from the three books I was offered. 

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction: The Power and Pleasure of Cocksucking
  • Gloss – Rackel Kramer Bussel
  • A Treatise on Human Nature – Robert Peregrine
  • Quite a Mouthful: Confessions of a Sweet Cocksucker – Tish Anderson
  • This Just In – Heidi Champa
  • Blessed Benediction – Radclyffe
  • How I Learned to Give Good Head – Amanda Earl
  • Without Eyes – Terri Pray
  • Tony Tempo – Tsaurah Litzky
  • A Tongue is Just a Tongue – Michelle Robinson
  • It’s a Wonderful Blow Job – Simon Sheppard
  • Down on the Beach – Alessia Brio
  • Getting Used to It – Tenille Brown
  • Cocksucker – Lori Selke
  • Prego – Alison Tyler
  • Equanimity Unbound – Craig J. Sorensen
  • Fellatio: A Love Story – Scarlett French
  • Logic – Jacqueline Applebee
  • Frosted – Kristina Wright
  • Long Relief – T. Hitman
  • Open Wide – Marina Saint
  • Sketch of a Suck-off – Tomas S. Roche
  • Sculpted – Shanna Germain
  • After Dinner Mint – Donna George Storey
  • About the Authors
  • About the Editor

What’s it about?

Gloss -A confident woman goes out to a posh bar to find a one-night stand.

A Treatise on Human Nature – A woman asks a man to teach her to give head the way a man does.

Quite a Mouthful: Confessions of a Sweet Cocksucker – A woman who wasn’t always keen on swallowing reminisces about her kinky journey.

This Just In – A newscaster’s lady gets her biggest fantasy.

Blessed Benediction – Shelby loves sucking cock.

How I Learned to Give Good Head – Stephen’s an arrogant teacher.

Without Eyes – Susan’s temper gets the better of her.

Tony Tempo – Tony’s dreams of Clara keep him active.

A Tongue is Just a Tongue – Cindy and Brianna meet Mark at a club.

It’s a Wonderful Blow Job – Being married adds to George’s desirability.

Down on the Beach – Chloe waits for Jack while watching a Jamaican sunset on the beach.

Getting Used to It – Evelyn’s brisket leaves a lot to be desired.

Cocksucker – He asked if he could suck her dick.

Prego – The infamous jar of spaghetti sauce.

Equanimity Unbound – Brandon takes the stick out.

Fellatio: A Love Story – She learns to give head from Violet Blue’s The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio: How to Go Down on a Man and Give Him Mind-Blowing Pleasure.

Logic – She knows she shouldn’t be there.

Frosted – She brings cinnamon rolls to her on-the-mend man.

Long Relief – Colin wakes to having his dick sucked.

Open Wide – She married the boy she blew in the theater.

Sketch of a Suck-off – They try their hand at blow job porn.

Sculpted – There’s just something about sucking your own cock

After Dinner Mint – Crème de Menthe + Blow Job = Refreshment?

How is it?

Rayne’s Rating:
Pros: Cons:
mostly well written
original stories
a couple made me think
Food stories! Ew!
not enough kink for my taste

It’s not terrible.

I could have done without the food stories, and I only read them so that I could honestly say I’d read the entire book. Just the thought of walking into a kitchen to find my man fucking a Prego jar makes the bile well up in the back of my throat. Ew. But in Rayne’s world, food + sex = grody. I’m sure we’ve talked about this before.

I think, as a writer, the biggest shock was finding that, when I actually finish something, I’m at least on par with some of these published writers with regard to writing abilities. The only published erotica I’ve read besides this book is Anne Rice’s stuff, so reading stories written by people who have similar writing abilities to my own was a nice change. Not to mention a bit of an ego boost.

The book is nicely put together, and easy to read. And even though the whole thing is about blow jobs, I didn’t find myself getting burnt out by the subject matter. Probably because no two blow jobs are done alike in this book, which sort of caught me by surprise. I mean, you don’t realize until you’ve read a book entirely about blow jobs just how many different ways there are to perform one. I may have even picked up a couple interesting techniques.

There’s one story about a D/s couple that completely threw me off. It was as if someone had ripped the scenario directly from M’s and my home and put it down in a book. A little less extreme than we two. But similar nonetheless.

And it’s not all female-giver, male-receiver. There are a couple stories with a homosexual bent. I particularly enjoyed the one about the married man.

Overall, I think this was a decent read for someone into blow jobs, but someone who does them for the sake of doing them, or isn’t really into them probably isn’t going to enjoy this book at all.

Where’d ya get it?

That store sent me this book for review, but you can pick it up at Amazon.

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