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Camp Without the Kink

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Dweaver999 tells us about his experience at “Spank ‘A Twisted Tryst'” this year.  “Spankfest” is a kinky camping trip held twice a year in Wisconsin at a “super secret camping location”.

First, let me assure you, my Spankfest experience this year wasn’t totally kinkless.  I got to experience some new types of play and was able to contribute to the spanking collection of a young sub whose absent boyfriend had a birthday recently.  However, I never got to scene with anyone over the four days of Spankfest.  Is it possible to have fun at a kink event without participating in any kink to a significant degree?

First, understand that, in spite of teaching regularly and being a fairly friendly guy, I suffer from near terminal shyness.  I have a hard enough time asking people I do know if they want to play, let alone people I don’t know.  The fact that I still tend to sexualize BDSM even though it’s never been sexual for me, personally doesn’t help.  It took me 6 hours to ask someone I enjoy playing with the first time at a Lucid Encounters event.  It took me two hours to ask her the second time.

So, the fact that I asked 4 people if they wanted to play at Spankfest, two of them new people (for me), is pretty amazing.  None of the four ended up playing with me, each with their own reason, no doubt (some I knew, some I didn’t).  So I didn’t get beat and I didn’t get to beat anyone.  I was looking forward to being able to do one or both.  In spite of not being able to do something I was looking forward to, I actually had a good time.  Read more…

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