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We gots gerbils! And had a great day.

June 19th, 2010 11 comments

Today has been pretty incredible.  We got up at the butt crack of dawn and hopped a bus downtown to grab breakfast.  Then we hopped a bus to Pet Smart and picked up two gerbils instead of the one hamster we originally intended on buying for my birthday because gerbils are half the price of hamsters.  These two were right up at the front of the glass in our faces the whole time we were there.  Curious little buggers.

We came home and set them up in their new home (the cheapest cage there, and it came with food, cage liner, a toy, a wheel, a food dish and a water bottle), then went out to lunch/dinner.  Now, after a tiring day of being bought, handled repeatedly by strangers and learning how to maneuver their new home, they’re asleep in a pile in the corner.

And after a tiring day of getting our bills caught up, and running from one side of town to the other on the most crowded bus line in the city, M and I are both just sort of puttering around on gadgets.

I tried to molest Him but He told me I wasn’t getting fucked right now.  Big meanie.  Read more…

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