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SJP#279 – Dreams and Goals

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image by Melen - click to enlarge

image by Melen – click to enlarge

Does your owner allow and encourage you to pursue your own dreams/goals?

The honest answer is “sometimes”.  It depends on whether or not said dream or goal interferes with His wants/needs/ideas of how our relationship should look.

Slavery-oriented or life-changing dreams and/or goals have to be approved by Him.  And usually, if I can pursue them without affecting my relationship/life with Him in any way, He’s more than willing to allow it.

He spurs me on with pursuing my writing.  I think it actually disappoints Him more than me that I’ve mostly stopped writing fiction and erotica.  I’m kicking myself for it, too.  I’m not as bad of a writer as I’d convinced myself I was.  Read more…

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