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Product Review: The Original Toibocks by Toibocks

June 11th, 2010

Ooo, what’s that?

It’s The Original ToiBocks by Toibocks, and it’s super awesome.

How’s it made?


Lid: The lid is about three-quarters of an inch deep, giving you a little bit of extra space above the top shelf, and is ten inches wide by six inches long.

Top shelf: The top shelf has three compartments, all of which are an inch deep.  The largest compartment is four and one-half inches wide by five inches long.  The other two are four and one-half inches wide and two and one-half inches long. 

Bottom compartment: The bottom compartment, all told, is four inches deep, however, only about three of those inches are usable due to the top shelf.  The interior is ten inches wide by six inches long.

Entire box: The outside of the box is six and one-quarter inches tall.  It’s eleven inches wide and seven inches long.

Materials, Design, etc.:

The Toibocks is made of dark-stained wood and lined with red velvet.  On a dresser, it looks like a unisex jewelry box, but sitting atop my dining room table, it looks more like a cigar box, until you open it.

The lid lifts up and away from you, and inside, you’ll find a silver circle with the Toibocks logo on it.  Move the TB circle around on the box until you hear a soft “click”.  You’ve just unlocked the magnetic lock that hides your sex toys from view.  Now lift out the three-sectioned top shelf by lifting the side closest to you first, and then the back.  In there’s where you store your toys.

Take that TB circle and store it where ever you like.  Just don’t lose it! I only own one kitchen magnet strong enough to open this lock.

What’s it for?

Discreetly storing your toys.

How is it?

Rayne’s Rating:
Pros: Cons:
hidden compartment
magnetic lock

You know what’s super cool? Having a box full of sex toys sitting on my dining room table/desk for all to see and none to be the wiser.  From a distance, it appears to be a cigar box or a jewelry box, and unless I have toys in the top drawer (Right now, all that’s on my top drawer are two pendulums M bought me years ago.), even opening it doesn’t give away my secret.

Of course, it’s not as if that matters all that much.  All of our friends know that I review sex toys.  But it’s not really necessary to put it in people’s faces like that.  Some people are more private about their sex lives, and would rather not know about yours.  But I’m running out of room in and on my dresser for things like sex toys and… you know… clothes! So! What better way to alleviate that than a couple discreet storage boxes and bags that could be holding just about anything under the sun?

So what’s in my Toibocks? Right now, I’ve got two glass dildos (Smooth Waves and G-spot Wonder), Ella, Siena Rondo, Gigolo, Lia Magic Wand, and Ryder.  Just in the bottom.  And I change it out every so often, depending on which toys I’m currently using the most.

I tried to put Leo in with everything, but it turns out the base is too wide, and puts unnecessary stress on the lock.  I was worried it would eventually break the lock, so for now, Leo stays in the drawer.

I could probably fit a couple more plugs in there, if it weren’t for the fact that most of my plugs are metal or glass.  And I could probably fit a lot more of everything there if I was more anal about how I put them in, rather than just stuffing them in there however they’ll fit.

And for those of you who are worried family or friends will see an openable box and… open it, the lock will keep them out of the bottom, so just drop a few pieces of jewelry in the top.

All in all, this seems to be a sturdy, discreet storage box that serves my purpose well.

Where’d ya get it?

A really awesome friend sent me The Original ToiBocks as  birthday present, but you can get one from Amazon

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