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Product Review: Y-Style Beaded Clamps by Spartacus Enterprises

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Ooo, what’s that?

That, my fellow kinksters, is a set of Y-Style Beaded Clamps by Spartacus Enterprises.  Notice the clamps are tweezer clamps, which makes these great for just about anyone.

How’s it made?

These clamps are made of purple and black Indian beads and metal, with rubbery black tips on the three tweezer-like clamps.  There are three strands of beads threaded onto silver jewelry wire and connected with small key-rings.  The strands that are intended for the nipples are each eight and three-quarters inches long (including the clamps, not including the key rings), and the strand intended for the clit is about thirteen and three-quarters inches long, giving the entire set a length of about twenty-two and three quarters inches.

Around the clamps is a small metal ring.  This is used to close the clamps and adjust the tightness of the pinch.

What’s it for?

Decoration, mostly.  The two shorter strands attach to your nipples, and the longer strand attaches to your clit.

While these clamps do pinch some, it’s not too terribly painful.  The bead strands seem strong enough to be able to tug on the clamps, but it really doesn’t change the sensation much.  And they’re fully adjustable from “light squeeze” to “tight pinch”, though tight pinch is far less than the sensation provided by clovers, or even alligator style clamps.

These clamps are great for beginners or people who are into light to intermediate nipple play.  Read more…

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