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Ten Life Lessons I’m Learning from Enslavement

June 29th, 2010 2 comments

1. Patience is a virtue, and good things come to those who wait. – I have always been one of the most impatient people I’ve ever known.  Though I was raised in the south, I still have quite a few Yankee traits.  Everything has to be done now.  Right now.  Right the fuck now.

Mostly because if it’s not done right the fuck now I don’t want it anymore because my tastes or desires or opinions have already changed.  But also because waiting, quite frankly, sucks ass.

I’ve learned, through M’s careful tutelage, that just about everything gets better, if only in how it’s prepared, with time.  Relationships, friendships, medicines, cars, electronics, stews, sauces, wines… The longer you wait, the more the kinks iron out, and the better they are.  Read more…

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You’re not pleasing me.

June 25th, 2010 1 comment

Since typing that title, I’ve been staring at the blank page for a couple hours.

I want to relay the events of the night before last, and what lead up to them.  But my thoughts are all over the place, and I can’t really figure out where to begin.

M would say it’s because I’m gabbing Laurel’s ear off.  And maybe He’s a little right.  But I couldn’t figure out where to begin before I started chatting with her, so chatting with her has only compounded the problem. 😛

I complain too much.  There’s a start.  About everything, and nothing.  It’s not so much that I annoy easily as it is that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.  And try as we might, M and I are not always on the same page with regard to what we want to be doing, when.

Read more…

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Much Ado About Child Support

June 23rd, 2010 Comments off

We had family court yesterday.  This particular case was to transfer M’s child support payments from the oldest children’s mother to the state because His son is currently in a private mental facility/addiction treatment center, and his mother signed him over as a ward of the state.

Apparently they only need the signature of the parent with physical custody (they have joint custody, but the boys lived with their mother) for that, because M’s not been asked to sign anything.  O.o

What’s cool is we won by default.

DSS screwed up their paperwork.  They filed for only a portion of M’s payment to be transferred to the commissioner’s office, so the judge let it ride with what they asked for, and removed the oldest two children (they’ve aged out) from the order without prejudice so that, if the oldest boy moves back in with his mother and goes back to school, she can re-add him to the support order, since he’s only 19 and the law is 21 if they’re in school.  So M’s support for that set of kids was reduced.  Read more…

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e[lust] #16

June 23rd, 2010 1 comment

Photo courtesy of Janie

Welcome to e[lust] – Your source for sexual intelligence and inspirations of lust from the smartest & sexiest bloggers! Whether you’re looking for hot steamy smut, thought-provoking opinions or expert information, you’re going to find it here. Want to be included in e[lust] #17? Start with the rules, check out the schedule in the site’s sidebar and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!

~ This Week’s Top Three Posts ~

Sex Pistil’s Guide to Sucking Great Cock The penis is not something to be feared. It’s not something to hide from, and it’s definitely not something to be put up with the good china and used for special occasions only. The penis is alive and breathing, so to speak, and as such, is not a one-size-fits-all, if-one-guy-likes-it, all-guys-like-it kind of entity.

An Erotic Vignette –  “You will come, and when you do, you will yell my name. Because I own you.” “No,” she whispered again, terrified. The last part of herself… total control over her pleasure, the responses of her body… surely he couldn’t… but his eyes said he could.

Dual Erotica: TahoeWe finally reach our floor and excitement wars with nervousness in my head. After all, it’s been a long, long time for me. I don’t have the body I once had; I’m not nearly as experienced as you are. But there is no turning back, not that I want to

~ e[lust] Editress ~

Does Size Matter? I am most definitely a size queen when it comes to my sex toys…but there’s a reason for that. Using a dildo is very VERY different from how I get fucked by a guy.

~ Featured Post (Lilly’s Pick) ~

I Want It AllGender (identity) is different to (biological) sex. Biologically there are males and females, and those who identify as neither (intersex). But it’s sure as hell not that simple, no matter what society says.

See also: Pleasurists #80 and #81 for all your sex toy review needs.

All blogs that have a submission in this edition must re-post this digest from tip-to-toe on their blogs within 7 days. Re-posting the photo is optional and the use of the “read more…” tag is allowable after this point. Thank you, and enjoy!  Read more…

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Camp Without the Kink

June 21st, 2010 Comments off

Dweaver999 tells us about his experience at “Spank ‘A Twisted Tryst'” this year.  “Spankfest” is a kinky camping trip held twice a year in Wisconsin at a “super secret camping location”.

First, let me assure you, my Spankfest experience this year wasn’t totally kinkless.  I got to experience some new types of play and was able to contribute to the spanking collection of a young sub whose absent boyfriend had a birthday recently.  However, I never got to scene with anyone over the four days of Spankfest.  Is it possible to have fun at a kink event without participating in any kink to a significant degree?

First, understand that, in spite of teaching regularly and being a fairly friendly guy, I suffer from near terminal shyness.  I have a hard enough time asking people I do know if they want to play, let alone people I don’t know.  The fact that I still tend to sexualize BDSM even though it’s never been sexual for me, personally doesn’t help.  It took me 6 hours to ask someone I enjoy playing with the first time at a Lucid Encounters event.  It took me two hours to ask her the second time.

So, the fact that I asked 4 people if they wanted to play at Spankfest, two of them new people (for me), is pretty amazing.  None of the four ended up playing with me, each with their own reason, no doubt (some I knew, some I didn’t).  So I didn’t get beat and I didn’t get to beat anyone.  I was looking forward to being able to do one or both.  In spite of not being able to do something I was looking forward to, I actually had a good time.  Read more…

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We gots gerbils! And had a great day.

June 19th, 2010 11 comments

Today has been pretty incredible.  We got up at the butt crack of dawn and hopped a bus downtown to grab breakfast.  Then we hopped a bus to Pet Smart and picked up two gerbils instead of the one hamster we originally intended on buying for my birthday because gerbils are half the price of hamsters.  These two were right up at the front of the glass in our faces the whole time we were there.  Curious little buggers.

We came home and set them up in their new home (the cheapest cage there, and it came with food, cage liner, a toy, a wheel, a food dish and a water bottle), then went out to lunch/dinner.  Now, after a tiring day of being bought, handled repeatedly by strangers and learning how to maneuver their new home, they’re asleep in a pile in the corner.

And after a tiring day of getting our bills caught up, and running from one side of town to the other on the most crowded bus line in the city, M and I are both just sort of puttering around on gadgets.

I tried to molest Him but He told me I wasn’t getting fucked right now.  Big meanie.  Read more…

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