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On Restraints, Freedom, and Being a Disrespectful Shrew

May 31st, 2010 2 comments

Disclaimer: This post was written Friday night.  I was ridiculously wasted.  I decided to post it anyway.  So read it as if it’s Friday.  And ignore any seeming insanity or stupidity.  I’m not kidding about having been ridiculously wasted.

There’s something about buckling my leather collar and cuffs around my various parts.  To docilely go into restraints, fully trusting Him to take care of me while I’m at His mercy.

And I guess I’m always at His mercy, really.  But it’s never more clear to the psyche how truly helpless you are until you are in restraints.  Restrained.  Helpless to whatever may or may not come.

There’s something insanely empowering about going into restraints of my own free will.  Holding myself out to Him to do with me as He will.

See? I told you I’d have a BDSM post soon.  If I remember to post this.

You know, it’s funny.  Even in our tiny apartment, where there are very few places I can be out of His line of sight, I say, “I’m going to [insert various task here].  I’ll be right back.”, as if He doesn’t know, in this tiny place, I’ll be right back.  I suppose it could be trained response.  If I don’t say where I’m going, He’ll often ask.  I’m sure that’s leftover from having lived in larger places with more open and hidden areas.  Read more…

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