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I’ve come to the conclusion that Twitter hates me.  Yesterday morning, when I woke up, all of my @s had disappeared.  Every last one.  I assumed they were just having server trouble, but my @s never came back! All I can view is new ones from yesterday, now.

Besides that, I’ve unfollowed a great many people I’m not sure why I followed in the first place.  Probably, they’re left over from Spy Master.  We have nothing in common, and I don’t recognize their names.  But I log into Twitter in the morning, and there they are.  Sitting happily in my feed.  Yet people I didn’t want to unfollow are never to be seen again.

What the fuck, Twitter??!

The sun’s hiding behind the clouds today.  And for the first time in years, I’m grateful.  Yesterday, it got so hot in our living room (it has east-facing windows) that my computer completely melted down.  M had to take it apart, piece by piece, clean it out, then put it back together and point a fan at it to keep it cool enough for us to be able to watch television.

You have no idea how much that frustrates me. Read more…

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