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A few random thoughts to get you through your Friday

May 14th, 2010

I just noticed I can never decide whether there should be a space between “pig” and “whore”.  Every time I type it, it’s different.

We have new neighbors.  They’re assholes.  Figures.

Okay, so it takes more than a night to be able to tell if people are assholes.  But they say first impressions are everything, and just take a look at this evidence!

  • It’s possible they’re friends with our landlord.  Most of the night, there was a car in our driveway that resembles his vehicle.
  • They slammed the front door each and every time they used it last night whether their arms were full or not.
  • They smoke so much that our apartment smells like someone chain smoked in it all night, and the hallway smells like a bar.  In less than twelve hours!
  • They were obnoxiously pounding on shit at 6:30am.
  • They slammed the front door each and every time they used it this morning.
  • We introduced ourselves on the way out to the bus stop this morning, and they were snotty.

Assholes, yes?

The liquor store next door opens at 8am.  Earlier if the owner gets here before then.  I’ve never seen a patron before noon.  His home life must be pretty boring if he’d rather sit in an empty store all morning than stay home till people actually start showing up to buy stuff.

I’m almost out of coffee.  I mean, I can make a fresh pot, but I’ve drank over half the pot by myself in less than two hours.  Another pot might not be the best idea in the world.

There are a lot of cars I’ve never seen before on my block this morning.

One of the wild birds that lives around here sounds like Pacman.

Sparrows are cuter than cockatiels when they’re preening.  Especially baby sparrows who’ve only been out of the nest for a few weeks.  And that whole tail-feather-shaking thing cracks me up every time.

I should probably write some reviews today.  It is Friday, after all.

Baby has commandeered Zedd’s favorite perch.  Zedd is not happy.  However, he’s decided perching on his food dish will suffice.  Zedd… is a pussy.

I’m probably going to miss UPS.  Again.  Which only bothers me because I really wanted the things I ordered for tonight, since M’s all threatening to beat me and shit.  But Eden’s got a weird stock glitch going on where it’s showing things as being in stock on the site even though they’re not, so the thing I really wanted isn’t even in this package anyway.  Balls.

After bringing in as many Guyanese people as possible from NYC to help clean up Schenectady, there is now a family feud that is out-bullshitting the gang and drug warfare here.  Two cops were injured when they tried to apprehend people involved in the murder of a member of the opposing family.  That took place in broad daylight.  Way to clean up the neighborhood, Schenectady.  You guys rock!

I guess that’s all the random thoughts I have for you, right now.  I’ll be sure to check back in if I think of more.


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  1. May 14th, 2010 at 19:23 | #1


    Yes, assholes. Your asshole radar is working just fine.

    As for all those new cars…the last time I saw lots of new cars on my street suddenly, it turned out a drug dealer had moved in across the street. Might be coincidence, but…drug dealers are assholes.


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