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The Games We Play

May 13th, 2010 2 comments

Long, long ago, in a land far away, M and I used to play BDSM games.

For some reason, typing that gives me visions of the two of us huddled around a black and red board game on the card table (What? We’re both getting to old to lay on the floor!) with tokens that resemble spanking benches, St. Andrew’s Crosses, and Black Label Liberator Gear.  That’s not the kind of “game” I’m talking about.

And they weren’t always games.  Sometimes they were for training purposes.  But sometimes, they were just to tease and torment me, and turn us both on.

One of M’s favorite games was to get me all riled up, then slam on the breaks.  Either with a spanking, or lots of boobie touching, or… something.

Or He’d get me all riled up, let me get Him off somehow, and then deny me an orgasm.

I’m not really sure when it stopped, or why.  Probably I complained to much about being denied one too many times, or feeling rejected, or… something.

Last night, I was all teasing M and trying to get Him to stop watching XFiles and fuck me.  And He told me no! He told me I had to wait till today.

Then! We went to bed and He made me kiss His back and blow Him! But He let me cum cause He’s awesome like that.

The undertones, though, suggest that He intends to revert to the amazingly arousing games He used to play with me.  And ya know, I think I’ve gotten to a point where I realize it’s not rejection.  So I guess the only thing He has to worry about me complaining about is frustration.  And I’m kinda a little excited about the return of long-term teasing and denial.

Ooo… and guess who’s taking pictures today! We need to start putting aside money for new/better lingerie.  I’ve found a couple plus size places, but I haven’t really checked them out, yet.  I should spend some time doing that today.


~pig whore

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