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Product Review: Collar with Bondage Ring by Spartacus Enterprises

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BSPL-08J2Ooo, what’s that?

M occasionally makes me wear a leather collar (along with the Eternity Collar and necklace I wear to symbolize His ownership).  Usually, it’s to knock me down a peg.  For some reason, even though some people put metal collars on their animals, leather collars have always been more “animalistic” to us.  So on the hunt for a leather collar that is sturdy enough to be pulled on, but comfortable to wear with an Eternity Collar, M bought this Collar with Bondage Ring by Spartacus.

How’s it made?

I think what I like most about this collar is that, unlike leather dog collars, this collar is lined with soft leather.  The outside of the inner band is nineteen and three-quarters inches of a soft, sturdy leather, while the lining seems to be made of garment leather. It’s an inch and a half wide, and is riveted to an outer band used to buckle the collar closed.

The outer band is twenty and one-half inches long and one inch wide. it’s got a buckle at one end, and ten holes at the other.  There’ s a metal rectangle that holds the excess leather in place, so long as you don’t have a super thin neck.  And in the center is a d-ring.  Read more…

Product Review: Deluxe Locking Wrist Cuffs by Strict Leather

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Ooo, what’re those?

Those would be the Deluxe Locking Wrist Cuffs from Strict Leather.  They’re the first pair of locking restraints we owned, and we’ve had them for years.

How’re they made?

The cuffs are eight and three-quarters inches long, two inches wide, and about a tenth of an inch thick.  They’re made of at least two pieces soft garment leather, and feel sort of cushioned.  I don’t think they’re actually cushioned… I think it’s just the softness of the leather.

The belt around the cuffs is made of a much thicker, sturdier leather.  It’s thirteen inches long, an inch wide and about a tenth of an inch thick.  On one end is a buckle with a loop on the end of the tongue that you can fit a padlock through.  On the other is five holes to fit the tongue through.  There’s a d-ring about four inches from the buckle.  The belt is riveted to the cuff, rather than threaded through the multiple layers.  And these cuffs have that extra strap to keep the excess leather from flopping around all over the place.  Read more…

Product Review: Locking Ankle Restraints by Spartacus Enterprises

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BSPL-08B1LOoo, what’re those?

M and I have been looking for comfortable ankle restraints forever.  Even though I have skinny ankles for a fat chick, a lot of cuffs dig into my skin, even if they’re not tightened all the way.  Probably more or less because of how much I move.  So in the hunt for comfortable (and locking) ankle restraints, I purchased these Locking Ankle Restraints by Spartacus.

How’re they made?

These cuffs are made of thick, sturdy black leather.  Sewn to the inside is a layer of soft black fleece..  The cuff is twelve inches long, two and a quarter inches wide and about a quarter inch thick.

There is a band threaded through slits in the top piece of leather.  It, too, is made of sturdy black leather.  It’s about fifteen and a half inches long and an inch wide, and it’s about a tenth of an inch thick.  Attached to one end of this band is the buckle with a loop on the end of the tongue to thread a padlock through.  About three and a half inches from the buckle is a triangular d-ring holding an o-ring in place.  The band has eight holes at about half inch intervals.  Read more…

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