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Another bullet list

April 30th, 2010 1 comment

In trying to revamp my positive mental process, i’m compiling a few lists for my Owner. Those of you playing the home game will learn a few things about Him! 🙂

10 Things i will always remember about N:

  1. The way He rubbed my shoulder with His thumb and stroked my hair while i waited to be taken back to the pre-op room for my gallbladder removal surgery. i was so nervous, so scared, i felt miserable. The little acts He did in that packed waiting room brought me back to center and helped me hold it together until they gave me the drugs that sent me off to lala land.
  2. When He leaned up against me while i was in labor with our firstborn and cried with me. i was in agony and couldn’t take anymore, and He was so scared, honestly afraid for my life. He shared His fear with me, showed His deep love for me, was vulnerable for me. He cried with me, holding me, and i found a little more strength and stamina to make it past the pain long enough to birth our son.
  3. He brought my cat to visit me after His shift ended while i was locked in the loony bin for a week. He made sure to tell me He missed me and that He wasn’t going to leave me while i was away.
  4. How He lectured me after i was put on short-term bedrest with our third son. i’d never felt someone loved me and wanted me enough to ensure i took great care of myself.
  5. How patient He is with me when He’s trying to teach me to do some kind of manual labor involving vehicles or equipment. The fact that He is so kind and patient with me makes learning the task possible. i’m terrified of large equipment, yet i know how to drive our tractor. All because of Him. 🙂
  6. How He took the time to hug me and whisper that i looked beautiful the day of our wedding as i was 7 months pregnant and unbelievably swollen because of the brutal heat. i had just wanted to cry and cancel the wedding, feeling like a beached whale, and He brought me close to His chest, so stunning in His tux, telling me that i was so beautiful and He was a lucky man to have met me.
  7. The fact that He lets me keep my superstitious NewAge religion, even though He believes that all religions are bunk.
  8. His persistence and adamant refusal to let my occasional crazy dismantle our relationship.
  9. How obvious it is that He loves our children.
  10. His dedication to providing the best He can for His family.

Last one, i promise: Read more…

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