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Masturbation’s better when someone else does all the work. =D

April 25th, 2010 3 comments

So the other day, M says to me, “You’ve got two dresser drawers full of sex toys and you never ask me to use them.  I thought women your age were supposed to be more slutty, not less.”

What I wouldn’t give, sometimes, to be all, “Dude, can’t you see I’ve been going through something? Take a chill pill.  I’ll catch you up, don’t worry.”

Instead, I assured Him that I’m still a slut, and that I’m just embarrassed.

That’s no joke.  I’m seriously embarrassed to ask Him if I can fuck myself with the toys I get to fuck myself with.  o.O

Yesterday, the Lia Magic Wand, from California Exotics, showed up on my doorstep.  And while I’m usually into much girthier vibes, something about this one had me all sorts of excited.  Then I remembered all my batteries are mostly dead.  So when M mentioned maybe going out later in the day, I asked if we could pick up batteries.

“Why? You think you’re gonna fuck that today?” Read more…

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