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Product Review: Couture Collection Sublime by California Exotics

April 23rd, 2010

Ooo, what’s that?

That’s my second Couture Collection vibrator from California Exotics.  After receiving the Ecstasy, I was a little worried about Sublime, knowing that lines of toys tend to stick to the same motors and such.  But Sublime has actually become one of my go-to toys when M says I can play.

What’d it come in?

This CalExotics toy came in a white cardboard box that is slightly more sturdy than their traditional white boxes.  However, there’s still next to nothing protecting the toy, and there was even more space inside for the toy to flop around in.

How’s it made?

The insertable end of Sublime is about six and one-half inches of white medical grade silicone with a diameter of about an inch and a half.  It’s soft and flexible in all the right places, but dense and firm at the tip.  And the last four inches are curved upward slightly with graduated bulging waves.

On the front are a small power button and a much larger button CalExotics is calling a “feather-touch controller” -that lights up when you turn the toy on- to control the vibrations.  It has three steady vibrations, each stronger than the last, and four pulsation variables (one escalating, one slow staccato, one fast staccato, and one that’s three short and one long pulse). 

On the back, you’ll find the battery compartment, which isn’t as bad as the Gigolo’s, but isn’t spectacular, either.  It works like a TV remote’s battery cover.  There’s a lined arrow pointing toward the bottom of the toy.  You’re meant to rest your thumb there and push toward the bottom of the toy and, in theory, it should slide right off.  I’m beginning to think I haz teh dumb, because this battery cap gives me a little bit of trouble, too.

What’s it for?

Just look at it! Can’t you tell? From the firm little nub at its tip, to the wave-like ripples along its shaft, to the slight upward curve, there can be no doubt Sublime was made for your g-spot.  To be honest, I rarely use it for anything else.  And I always use it by itself with a little finger accompaniment.  Anything more is almost too much.

However, I’m sure it would function well for those who need primarily clitoral stimulation and are looking for that in a vibe.  And for those with an interest in texture, it might feel nice in the bum.  I just prefer it stroking my g-spot.

How is it?

Rayne’s Rating:
Pros: Cons:
feels girthy
excellent shape
it’s white
the battery cap’s a little stiff
controller too “feather-touch”

I just wish it wasn’t white.  Everything sticks to it, whether it’s clean or dirty.  And I mean everything.  Lint, dirt, dust, bird feathers, bird seeds, ashes, crumbs… I probably need to just pick up some toy pouches.  Cause it’s impossible to keep the floor completely free of bird feathers and seeds for more than five minutes.

Damn birds.  I need to find me a DIY seed skirt project and build a couple skirts for their cages.

Well, and I think the controller is a little too easy to push.  Maybe adding a way to lock it would fix that issue?

In any case, I absolutely adore this toy.  It’s one of three things I grab on a regular basis.

The vibrations are just about perfect.  They’re strong, but not overly so, and pretty decently quiet as vibrations go.  They’re deep and throbby and located about an inch and a half from the tip.  And they travel from end to insertable end without losing any of their “oomph”.

While the toy is quite flexible, it’s rather dense at the tip, making it easier to bear down than most other silicone toys.  The bulgy ripples are gently graduated and spaced well enough that the texture actually enhances my experience.

I really like this toy.

Anything else I should know?

Wash it with a non-abrasive anti-bacterial soap, or wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution.  Pour boiling water over the insertable end, but don’t submerge it, and don’t put it in the dishwasher.

They’re calling this toy waterproof, and I’d love to believe them, but every time I wash this toy and open the battery compartment, there’s a bit of water inside.  So I’d say take this toy in the tub at your own risk.

Use water based lube and store it in the drawer with your other silicone vibes.

Where’d ya get it?

This sex toy was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. You can pick one up at PinkCherry.com.

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