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Video Reviews, Funny Sex Toy Companies and Daily Walks… Or Something

March 6th, 2010

The Siena Rondo, by Mantric, was waiting patiently on the steps for me when we got home from M’s office last night.  I’m super excited about this toy.


Well… It comes in lavender and this pale lemon yellow.  Mine’s yellow.  I’m not a huge yellow (Yellow’s such a weird word.  Say it three times fast.  Yellow, yellow, yellow.  Hee! It’s fun!)  fan, but I like it a little, and there aren’t many yellow (Ooo! I said it again!) toys out there, so that’s pretty cool.  It’s waterproof, but so are most of my toys.  It’s wrinkly and girthy.  It comes in a neat box that has a diagram on the side to show the vibration patterns, which is gonna make trying to explain them so much easier.  And…

It’s gonna be my first ever video review.

Yep.  I’m gonna be on camera.

It smells like Desitin.  That’s just bizarre.

But so far, I’m kinda diggin’ this company.  You see, the Siena Rondo came with a user manual, as so many multifunctional toys do these days (Thank the Great Purple Cabbage!), and this is what I found on the front page:

We’d like to say a heartfelt thank you for entrusting your satisfaction to us.  Mr. Mick Jagger and his fellow Rolling Stones might like to follow your lead.  Apparently, they haven’t been able to find no satisfaction for quite some time now.  Jagger aside, we’d like you to know that your satisfaction matters more to us than you might think.

Our accountant told us that if we didn’t print this booklet, we’d make more money.  After all, you already bought the product, right? What a loser, we nearly fired him.  But then we realised we’d be punishing his wife, kids and pets too and that didn’t seem decent.

So, here is the booklet that the bean counter tried to ban.  It contains the instructions you need be super satisfied with your new Mantric massager.  It did cost us more money and it did take time to write, design and print.  But what’s the point in only doing half a job?

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I cracked up.  Whether at the attempt at a joke, or at the joke,I ‘m not sure.

There’s a slightly less girthy, less wrinkly version called the Siena Concerto that I think I might try, too.  At some point.  Eventually.  It comes in a pretty magenta and black.


We’ve been walking almost daily.  The few exceptions have been when we partied entirely too hard the night before.  1-3 miles each time, depending on how we feel and how much time M has.

It’s been absolutely perfect outside for it.  The skies are blue and the temperature isn’t all that low.  During the day, it hasn’t dipped below forty in a at least a few days.

Fourteen more days till the first day of Spring.

A month till my birthday.

Twelve more days till we show our appreciation to our readers.

I suppose I should get that forum post together.


I’ve got posts up on Eden Cafe and a couple others coming on Submissive Guide.  I’m trying to do more than just read FetLife and Eden Fantasys forum.

And I guess that’s all from me today, because M has a hankering to go walking somewhere besides around the neighborhood, so we’re hopping the bus soon.  I can’t wait to get there.  Course, this ginormous cloud just floated over my house and I’m kind of annoyed about that.  But whatever, we’ll survive.

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