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Product Review: Vibrating Leo by Vixen Creations

February 26th, 2010

Ooo, what’s that?

I’m sure you’ve seen this thing on other sites.  Probably the glitter version, since it seems to be the most popular.  The glitter version looks like squid bait.

It’s Leo the vibrating dildo, from Vixen, and it doesn’t sparkle.  It shimmers.

What’d it come in?

Leo came in the same neat sort of cylinder Randy came in, only with black ends.  Same black and red sticker.  Same almost perfect fit.  Same staying power in the lids.  I love it.

How’s it made?

Can I just say, if it weren’t for the wrinkly foreskin, and the difference in the shape of the head, I would swear Vixen took a mold of M’s cock before making Leo.  Leo’s just barely an inch shorter, but about the same width (M’s slightly wider) and shape.  Even the veins are all in the right place!

That made it a little easier to get over the fact that, in day light, it looks like a zombie dick. 

He’s eight inches of pearly white food-grade silicone with seven insertable.  He’s about an inch and a half wide.  He’s very penis-like in shape.  And he has a wide base with a hole in the bottom for the bullet.

He’s hypoallergenic.  Phthalates and latex free and nonporous.  His surface is slightly tacky to the touch, but smooth.  He’s flexible and squishy.

And he still looks like a zombie dick.

It comes with a silver bullet that fits perfectly in the hole on the bottom.  The bullet’s controlled by a black push button on top.  It has a wrist strap attached to it for easy extraction.  The cap screws off to reveal a black washer and three watch-sized batteries.  It’s quite powerful and buzzes only slightly louder than those giant black bumblebees.

What’s it for?

Use it solo or with a partner for vaginal or anal penetration.  Put it in an o-ring harness or grip the base.  Use it with or without the bullet.

The head and angle put it in the right position for g-spot stimulation.  The wrinkled “foreskin” beneath the head provides extra texture in g-spot stimulation.  And the slightly veiny shaft feels almost real.

How is it?

Rayne’s Rating:
Pros: Cons:
perfect angle
perfect size
shaped really similar to M
weird foreskin
rather zombie like appearance

Okay, so! Let’s get this part out of the way first.  I saw a million reviews for the Leo fly across my feed reader not too long ago.  We were calling it the “vampire dildo” because it sparkled.  And I swore I would never even consider trying this toy because it reminded me of squid bait.

Then I saw this version.  It decidedly does not look like squid bait.  And lots of people swear by it.  So, I decided to give it a try.

I underestimated how much a pearly white, penis-shaped dildo could resemble an undead penis.  No, I don’t mean a living penis! I mean a zombie, or maybe… Yes! A vampire’s penis! Though I honestly don’t remember Le Stat sparkling.  So maybe he’s a different breed than Edward.

No, I haven’t read the books or watched the movie.

However! The Christmas lights around our ceiling saved the day.  Once it was dark outside, and I plugged in the Christmas lights, Leo looked decidedly not zombie-dick-like and almost desirable.  And upon insertion, any worry I had about fucking a dead penis went out the window because Leo is divine.

The vibrations don’t travel from bullet to head very well, so, if, for some reason, you’re looking to use the penis head for clitoral stimulation with the bullet inserted into the bottom, you’re probably not going to get far.  But to be honest, I’m not super huge on inserted vibrations anyway.  I mean, they’re not bad.  They’re just not anywhere near as good as just plain thrusting.

But using the bullet for clitoral and erogenous stimulation while using Leo for thrusting is absolutely amazing.  But then, I did say it’s shaped quite a bit like M.

My one annoyance is the cap doesn’t seem too incredibly secure on the bullet.  One of the times I inserted the bullet into the bottom and then tried to pull it out again by the wrist strap, the cap popped off and the batteries flew out everywhere.  So be careful when taking the bullet out of the bottom of the dildo.  You’ll shoot your eye out!

How do you care for it?

Leo’s boilable and dishwasher safe.  Or just wash him with antibacterial soap and water.  Use only water based lube.  Store with your other silicone toys.  And take the batteries out while in storage.

Where’d ya get it?

PinkCherry.com sent me Leo free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  PinkCherry.com offers many well-known brands in sex toys such as LELO, nJoy, Tantus, Fun Factory, and California Exotics.  They pride themselves on customer service and strive to provide their customers with the lowest prices possible.  And they do their best to provide prompt, discreet shipping.

PinkCherry Sex Toys

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