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e[lust] #8

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~ This Week’s Top Three Posts ~

This Isn’t Play. . . BDSM and RapeThe very basic principle that we hold so dear in BDSM play, “Nothing without consent” seems to stand in stark contrast to a very common form of play, “Rape Play”.

Half-FullWhen I get my ass beaten, is it as much for the sensation as it is for the “Good girl…I knew you could take that for me.” that I want so badly at the close of the scene?

House Party Part 2His wife walked by at one point and he cryptically asked her to “do what she did to so-and-so earlier”. His wife disappeared behind me, but I felt her hands touching me and his cock as it entered me.

~ e[lust] Editress ~

Backseat Orgasms We kissed lightly and without focus, both a sensual act and maddening at the same time. More, I needed more. In a blur I was on my knees on the seat, straddling his leg, his mouth latched onto one nipple and his fingers hunting for the key to undoing my dress pants.

~ Featured Post (Lilly’s Pick) ~

Are You Watching Me?A plan of devious proportions begins to form. Before this is over with, I will have forced you into a corner…forced you to act…forced you to give ME what I want.

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On Dominants “Caving” and We’re Saved! Sort Of.

February 25th, 2010 4 comments

First things first… The power company gave me an extension.  After days of telling me there was nothing they could do, and basically shrugging their shoulders when I explained to them all the reasons why shutting my power off would be just as bad for them as it would be for us (M works from home, so He’d lose His job.  Him losing His job would cut our ties with NY, and we could move somewhere not covered by our current electric company, which would give me the ability to pay it at my leisure, or not at all if we decide to rent for the rest of our lives.  M wants to eventually buy a house, though, so we’d end up paying… Just not as quickly as if we are still on their grid.), and making sure to end every call with, “You need to figure this out, or we’re shutting you off.”, I got someone on the phone willing to work a loophole in their system.  We now have the time we need to pay the bill, and we’re able to pay the amount we owe this month and not the ginormous sum they wanted us to pay.

I reiterate my previous statement.  Utility companies are terrorists.

The cable might get shut off tomorrow.  But that bill’s tiny, and I can pay it and get it turned back on on Monday.  And M could use a weekend without work, so I’m really not sweating it.  He is, though.  Cause He does have work to do this weekend.  So we’re probably going to spend Saturday and Sunday in the office.

Master got kind of irritated, the other day, when I claimed blame, citing His willingness to do what I think is right when the situation is dire.  I think, at first, He misunderstood me and thought I was saying that I could manipulate Him to my will at any time.  I said, “This is my fault.  If I’d only pushed you, we’d be fine.”  without clarifying.  But once I explained that I meant He folds in times when He should (like when there’s a bill to pay that could potentially make or break us), and not times when He should remain firm, He was less irritated.

And ya know, if you talk to some of the M/s elite, folding at all is considered “doing it wrong” and “allowing the submissive control”.  But from where I sit, that’s just retarded.

I mean, say M and I are hiking through the woods.  Say it’s a trail system I’ve hiked a lot, but M’s only been there once and down one trail.  Maybe there’s been a storm, and I know which portions of the trail system are usually destroyed by bad weather.  But M has a specific place He wants to go and only knows the direction I took Him.

Should I tell Him about the possible impasses? Absolutely! Should we go the way we went last because that’s the way M knows, even though I know there are some spots along the way that are probably impassable? Unless there’s a specific reason (like a patch of flowers He wants to photograph, or a marsh that usually has lots of birds perched on the tops of reeds), probably not.  Is that giving me control of things? No! It’s simply recognizing that I know the area better and saving ourselves time.  And from where I stand, there’s nothing wrong with that.

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