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Depressing Panic and Terrorist Utility Companies – Warning: Whiny

February 23rd, 2010 2 comments

I was in the process of simplifying our life.  And by “our”, I mean “my”.  We’re still having to decide which bills to pay and when, but we were getting caught up.  So we picked a bill, bought M some much needed new work clothes and a new winter coat, and prayed.

What’s saddest of all? The $50 we spent on His new work clothes was enough to make it impossible to pay the other bill.  But we figured it was just ten days, and we’d be fine, so we bought some other things we needed.  Like food.  And dishes.  I mean, once you’re fucked, you’re fucked, right?

After only three days of being late on the electric bill, they’re threatening to shut us off.  He gets paid in four business days and they don’t want to push it back.  I don’t dispute that we owe money and that we’re often late.  But we always pay, and is four business days really so much to ask of a billion dollar corporation?

I wanna be rich so I can put solar panels on my roof and not have to deal with the electric company.  Read more…

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