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That sex stuff

February 22nd, 2010

With three anklebiters in the house, you can imagine that sex and activities associated with such are in short supply. You would be right. What we lack in quality, we damn sure try to make up in quality, and this weekend was a fine example of such.

Friday night was great. The kids went down without a fight, i got my chores done quickly and early, He was pretty chilled out and in a fairly good mood, given that the financial straits have smoothed out considerably. i’d made a point of dressing nicely for Him over the past couple of days, as it had been years and years a week since we’d last gotten nasty. It had been nearly two weeks since i had been allowed to cum. Let’s just say i was feeling a bit hawt to trot. It was getting to the point that i was having sexual dreams, and if i didn’t get release in awake time, i was going to start waking up to sleep-orgasms. i clued Him in on all of this, teasing and being a bit playful.  And i got exactly what i was after –  hot n sweaty rough sex. Mmmmm.

We’d already done the bedtime routine, i knelt for my bedtime recitation and received the night collar. Crawled up in bed next to Him, and He tells me to start suckin’. Lol, this is foreplay in His house. So i do, and wonders of wonders, He’s pretty easy on me and doesn’t fuck my face too badly. Soon enough, He tells me to climb on top. i’ve never been fond of being on top, and it isn’t for any stupid reasons like i feel too dominant or something. i’m not dumb enough to think that i could win a fight, even if i started on top. No, it’s just plain tiring for me to be bouncing around on Him for extended amounts of time. My thighs tremble, my arms get shaky, because i don’t trust myself not to crush Him with my massive weight.

(He’s taken time to prove to me that i won’t crush Him, actually forcing me to place all my weight on Him. Still. The Man will die if i fully lay on top of Him. i consider it a workout like no other.)

Anyhow, so i climb up and He’s taking His sweet time, having me grind down on Him, do my special hip roll that makes Him go nuts, grabbing and pinching my ass, kneading my tits. i’m biting His shoulder and collarbones, breathing on His neck (that drives Him wild) and making all sorts of sounds that i know switch Him from straight hawt sex to “I will melt her body into mine” mode.

He reaches up and grabs the collar. i falter in my bouncing. The last time He had done something direct like that, i  panicked, thinking He was taking it off and releasing me. i watch Him very closely. He tightens His fist on the back of my collar, then pulls the slack tight. i immediately lock eyes with Him, even as i feel the edges of my vision start to flicker and grow dim. i can hear my heartbeat in my head, thick thuds that space farther apart. My cheeks feel so warm, my head feels like it slowly is filling with cotton. i feel myself resigning to the fact that i am going to give out, that He has stolen my breath. 

And He releases it.

I gasp and sputter, trembling on His chest as i return to normal processing. i smile shyly (well, as shyly as one can while entwined in a sexual embrace), knowing how much that simple act of control drives His sadistic streak. Not wanting my make any movements or say anything that would bait the tiger He keeps locked in the cage.  Not wanting to dance with the devil, my grandmother would have said.

He smirks and says “Well, look who gets a little wet when i do that.” Now i’m blushing to beat all hell. It’s bad enough (well, it’s not something i consider bad, just comes with a lot of social baggage) that i thrive off of being used and regarded as a slave, as property, second class. It’s beyond description how hawt i get from being reminded of my humiliation.

Without warning, He tightens again. This time, i fade faster. i keep my eyes locked on Him the whole time, wanting to go with the image of His savage pleasure being the last thing i see. And right before i give up again, He lets go. Of course, now i’m drenching both of us in pussy juice. So He says lean back and rub yourself off. It doesn’t take long for me to reach the peak, between how deliriously turned on the previous events made me and how long i’d been denied before. So i breathlessly beg for permission. He says No. i reluctantly take my hand away and wait. He takes the time to leisurely pump in and out, making the ache of my clit maddening. He tells me to start again. Almost instantly, i’m back, and i call out again, begging for permission. No, He says. Now i’m getting petulant. i whimper and whine as He drills me and mauls my asscheeks. Now, He says, start again. Doesn’t take a minute before i’m at that peak, waiting to jump over. Yes, He says, and i’m gone. i saw stars, i thought my girl-parts were going to explode. The cramping was bittersweet pleasurepain. Before i’m done panting, He tells me to roll over onto my back. i can barely get my legs spread for Him and He’s pushing His way in, taking what is His roughly and thoroughly. i whimper as His presses against my cervix. He hears my whimper and smiles nastily down at me, taking time to deliberately and slowly thrust into me until i cry out and tense up. He amuses Himself like this for a few strokes, making me scramble backwards while still being pinned under His body, whimpering and gasping, hating my body for rising to meet His invasions, needing to feel that mingling of dull pain and sharp pleasure. Finally, He grows tired of that game and focuses on His impending climax. Holding my arms to the bed at the wrists, He plunders my body as i do my best to offer Him all i am, and He sinks into me as His orgasm is unleashed. Panting and shaking, we melt.

Think there was any aftercare or bonding? Maybe, if you call Him padding upstairs to clean up while i cleaned myself up downstairs. 🙂 Other than that, uh, no. Where’s my chocolate and a cold glass of water?!

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