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On Sharing Account Information and Past Conversations

February 20th, 2010 1 comment

For a long time, I’ve been required to give M any new logins to any new websites or games.  Not only does He have my email passwords, but all my mail forwards to His and He owns the server our email is on.  My life, should He choose to make it, is an open book to Him.

He rarely snoops behind me anymore.  He used to.  But these days, I tell Him about the email I get and the gossip I hear before He even realizes I got an email.

He mostly just laughs at me.  He doesn’t know… well… anyone, really, and there’s always some new name He’s never heard before.  But occasionally, He’ll feel the need to tell me why he agrees or disagrees.

But M and I are married.  We live together.  If I were to fly half way across the country to meet any of the people I talk to online, He would come with me.  You’re buggin’ if you think, for a second, He’d send me alone.  So it would be silly for me to keep things from Him.

I was bumbling around on FetLife, today, looking for a more educational group.  (Shut up.  I don’t want to hear it.)  And I came across a thread in the Power Exchange Relationships group entitled “Are submissives to be trusted?

Yeah, I got my panties in a bunch when I read the title, too.  Why do you think I went to see what he was really asking?

Basically, the situation goes like this:

Sub meets DomA and has a great number of private conversations, discussing scores of personal information, with him in private messages on FetLife.  Sub then meets DomB and gets into a relationship with him.  DomB asks for Sub’s password to her FetLife account and unlimited access to all the private, personal conversations on her FetLife account, including, but not limited to, conversations that took place before their relationship with the promise that they would be kept confidential.  DomA isn’t comfortable with DomB reading his conversations with Sub, and hence knowing personal information about him.

DomA wants to know:

So, what takes precedance?…protecting the privacy of her past friends personal discussions and private information?…or… loyally complying with her new Doms request for her FET password and/or other information?

In a larger picture…where does the D/s stop? Would a request for personal and work email passwords come next? Cell phone voice mail passwords? Should a Dom ask for personal information of his new submissive and expect complete compliance?

And I’m sort of torn.  Read more…

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Much Needed Play

February 20th, 2010 Comments off

Last night I attended my first play party at NOBLE since Halloween.  I have been wanting to get back out and involved with the community here in New Orleans, but the drama and such that had exploded really deterred me a bit.  Needless to say, last night I put all of that aside and decided to go and have a good time.

I messaged a friend of mine Thursday and asked if she would be interested in going to the School Girl Party with me.  She made sure her schedule was clear and told me that she would.  We met up last night for margaritas before hand and got to catch up and talk about a few things that had been going on this week.  We headed to the space, both on the agreement that we weren’t going to play.  Boy, were we wrong.

We walked in and I introduced her to some of the people there before we went to change into our outfits.  I have to say, we looked so damn adorable as school girls.  We hung around for a while and I was naturally a brat.  I got two demerits for inappropriate behavior and such and got into trouble.  They even called my Daddy!  *pouts*  I got into more trouble by stealing a ruler and proceeding to antagonize my friend with it.  I had no idea that she had been placed as my surrogate Daddy and proceeded to pull the trump card of “give me the ruler.  If you keep disobeying me, you’re disobeying your Daddy since I’m your surrogate.”  Yeah, that’s a quick way to cure a bad girl.

A little more time passed, more mingling and me being a naughty girl, and I was threatened with being beaten with the ruler I had been trying to steal again.  My friend was given permission to break the ruler over my ass.  And break the ruler she did.   We had also met with a friend of hers as well as a good friend of Daddy and my Lady.  He aided my friend in shackling my wrists and rigging me, with rope, to a pulley that was hanging over head above us.  She began to strike me with the ruler on my ass that was still covered by my panties and my skirt.  I figured I was safe, but that was only the beginning.  Read more…

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