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I got nothing. But I’ll babble to you anyway.

February 18th, 2010

I skipped Tuesday. Oops.

I’ve got nothing today, either. I wasted everything good going on in my head, this week, on my post on orgasm control over on Eden Cafe.

Wait… I’ve got two things.

So I’m chitchatting with Vieux about how she was supposed to be giving up being a smartass for lent (Yes, I told her she was setting herself up for failure. Well, no… actually she told me, and I agreed with her. Same difference, though, right?), and how she slipped today and…

And I told her it could have totally been worse. She could have said she was giving up pulling the wings off butterflies and was suddenly jonesing so bad she just had to do it and did.

Then I told her she should really stop pulling the wings off butterflies. I mean, what’d they ever do to her?

It made her smile, anyway. 🙂

And the other thing…

The other night, I crawled in bed and laid down waiting for Master to finish His thing. He can’t just get into bed. Even if I’ve just made the damn thing, with the sheets and such fresh out of the dryer, He has to refluff and align His pillows, and crack the blanket and sheet in the air a couple of times, and then fold it over a specific way, and then, if I’m lucky, He lays down and I can get comfortable.

So the other night, I’m laying there, waiting for Him to finish His thing, when this really intense feeling of belonging came over me. And I thought, “That’s odd. Why should laying in bed make me feel that way?”

I guess it’s more the whole having been ordered to bed, then laying there, unable to get comfortable until He lays down, waiting for Him to come to bed thing.

We just got back from the store. WalMart has a huge clearance sale. Huge! I got M four polo shirts, a belt and a new winter coat for $50. At least their guy clothes don’t suck as bad as their girl clothes, I suppose.

He bought me new dishes and silverware. I’m really excited about it and I’m totally taking pictures tomorrow.

And He got me clippers. So I’m off to cut His hair.

Have a great night!

~pig whore

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