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Product Review: G-Rock Pleasurizer by California Exotics

February 12th, 2010

Ooo, what’s that?

That’s the G-Rock Pleasurizer by California Exotics.

What’d it come in?

It comes in a clear plastic box with blue trim and purple hearts and lettering.  There’s frosted molded plastic that fits inside the box and holds the G-Rock and its N sized battery.  And on the back is a diagram showing you how the toy gets inserted.

How’s it made?

It’s made of pretty, nonporous, phthalates and latex and scent free, lavender silicone and it’s about eight inches, end to end, and it’s about an inch wide all over.  The only exception to this is the angled clitoral “shield”, which is about two inches wide. 

It’s curved into the shape of a “C”.  It’s waterproof.  It’s both dense and flexible.  And its surface provides a good amount of drag, which is always fun.

There’s a small bullet that runs on an N size battery and slips inside the sleeve.  However, if you can figure out how to get the bullet out of the sleeve (it comes with the bullet inside the sleeve) to put it back in the sleeve without the battery cap/push-button control popping off the end, you’ve got one up on me.  My bullet seems pretty well stuck in there.

Inside the battery compartment was a thin piece of clear plastic I ended up taking out and throwing away.  I’m sure you’re supposed to anyway, but I always feel stupid asking about these things, so I never do.  Leaving the clear plastic inside the cylinder made it next to impossible to remove the battery.

What’s it for?

This toy is for simultaneously stimulating your g-spot and clitoris.  It’s made for both solo use and use with a partner, as the end that is inserted is small enough for a penis to slide in behind it, though I’ve not used it that way, so I can’t attest to its enjoyability or comfort.  And it requires you to rock your hips for best results.

Beginners might really enjoy this toy, but more experienced users might find it a flop.

How is it?

Rayne’s Rating:
Pros: Cons:
made of silicone
one size fits most
vibrations don’t travel well
clitoral “shield” doesn’t do much
to hold back meatier outer labia

Eh… It has such potential! But really, it’s just not my thing.

The clitoral shield, while wide and sturdy, doesn’t really do much by way of actually making contact with the clitoris.  Mine, anyway.  But then, I have thick outer labia and things get slip-slidey in a hurry, so the slightest move and the G-rock’s rocked out of position.

While the vibrations are strong in the end intended to stimulate the g-spot, they don’t really travel to the part that rests on the clitoris much at all.  So even if it was able to hold my labia open, it wouldn’t be strong enough to get me off.

It’s really cool in theory, but it needs a much stronger motor to be of much use in practice.  It’s a shame, too.  I’ve been lusting after this thing for ages.

How do you care for it?

Same way as all silicone.  Wash it with antibacterial soap and water.  Wipe it down with toy wipes or cleaner.  A bleach solution works nice.  Or take the bullet out and toss it in boiling water or the dishwasher.

Store it in the box, if you like.  It’s small enough that it doesn’t take up much room.  Or throw it in a ziplock back with the rest of your silicone toys.  Just be sure to use water based lube.

Where’d ya get it?

The folks at The Adult Toy Shoppe sent me the G-Rock Pleasurizer free in exchange for an honest review.  In business since 2004, The Adult Toy Shoppe has a wide selection of toys for men, women and couples.  Unsure of which toy to by? They’ve got a list of award-wining toys to help you out.  Check out their guides to vibrators, male sex toys, anal toys, strap on harnesses and cock rings.

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